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8/25/2021 c378 4Gamelover41592
now it begins...
8/25/2021 c378 7warhawk talons
Glad to see an update after so long! It's OK I've been having writers block for a good bit too.

This was a good chapter although I expected Neji to have some type of comment about the reveal of Ace's father if hes there I mean. I mean they both grew up on the same island until Neji and Hinata moved away.

Also just a thought but what do you think of the idea of Rouge and Kushina being sisters or cousins. I mean they're both red heads And this would make Ace, Luffy, and Naruto related by blood not just by oath.
8/25/2021 c378 4Monster King
8/22/2021 c79 4LoneWolf427
I see. So the Kazekage took a page from Switzerland's book and yet, at the same time, the 3 Sand Siblings join Baroque Works. Interesting
8/16/2021 c38 LoneWolf427
So, Lee and Guy are on a Martial Arts Journey, roaming the land like Kane from Kung Fu and Neji is a Marine Officer? Interesting. Wait so, what's Ten Ten doing?
7/1/2021 c8 LoneWolf427
I have questions; what of Naruto and Sasuke's signature attacks? Rasengan and Chidori? Also, was that strength Sakura displayed earlier when she lifted the cage part of the same monster strength she received while training with Tsunade or is that something else? Just wanting to know if there's an explanation later
2/27/2021 c1 RandomAuthor122
2/25/2021 c74 Truedemonwolf
I just realized that this story has gone on for 14 years WTF
1/24/2021 c377 Joshua G
Are you going to still continue this fanfic, or did you just get bored of it?
1/6/2021 c377 Guest
Skipped ahead to see if the grammar and punctuation got better. Nope, still absolute dog shit.
1/6/2021 c1 Guest
This is a fucking joke, you’re using three dots instead of a fucking comma. Oh sorry, “This is a fucking joke... you’re using dots instead of commas.” See how it makes a pause?
1/2/2021 c377 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
12/30/2020 c377 Guest
Fic not fox but also don’t add akatsuki that’s where most fics like this die for me unless you already have then god damnit please don’t center the fix around them like please don’t make it a supe big deal make it like doflomingo where he’s a big deal but he does really fast
12/30/2020 c377 SasuGlAlY
One if you know me from disc hey two fuck yeah marineford haven’t read this fox in a while but ima re read it up to well now cause I thought it was dead but it’s not uhh continue your making some great stuff I can literally only dream of making and yeah can’t wait for more
12/21/2020 c162 1MinatoMeatloaf
Why is kakashi so weak or is he trying not to get involved
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