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for The Little Child to Lead Him

11/29/2021 c16 Bambina-belle
Great story. But honestly I'd have loved it if Vernon was aware that she was magical n got beaten or hexed by Harry.
10/6/2021 c16 8Axel Alex
j'ai beaucoup aimé l'histoire et j'avoue que j'apprécierais une suite
9/30/2021 c16 majere4
Well, I'd prepared myself for the disappointment, and I wasn't disappointed :p
Seriously, I enjoyed your ability to write characters in a genuine, easygoing manner. You did well with scenes and, while your cast was highly OOC, it IS fanFICTION, so while I certainly didn't accept 'niceDraco!' gracefully, I appreciate that you wrote him consistently and I grew to accept him all the same.
Thanks for sharing your time and talent. I hope that you have weathered the storms of your life thus far, perhaps even bringing your own little Rose into this crazy, but wonderful world.
9/30/2021 c15 majere4
Very sweet and enjoyable beginning to their 'courting'. :)
9/30/2021 c14 majere4
"No, we wouldn't work as a couple, at least not seriously."

"And you got that all from a kiss?"

"Yeah," she gave him a look that said 'duh'. "When you find that person, and you kiss them, there are fireworks, and tingly feelings, and stomach flipping, and your whole body just feels like it's been electrified."

"Not familiar with that."
Of course not, Harry, you're not reading the right romance novels lmao!
Welp, I've enjoyed the story and it's almost done. I'll not complain anymore and just hope for the best.
9/30/2021 c13 majere4
That was a wonderful chapter, but... You've three chapters left to build a relationship with Daphne, describe their dating and building a life together, and what that life is like going forward...
He's not even showing interest and certainly has no clue of hers in him.
Sorry, I just expected more by now; at least more of the two of them interacting than just a few lines. Especially when those lines are her explaining how many options he has and how he has plenty of time to date. Specifically, to date others.
Basically, he hears her say: "I'm not interested, go find someone else." She's taking the chance that he'll end up with someone else, which certainly shows zero Slytherin traits.

More to the point, at the current pace, you have three to four days of the story remaining.
It's starting to look like you're going to spend 15 7/8ths chapters on him getting to know her and then finish with: "They dated and fell in love and got married and lived happily ever after, the end."
9/30/2021 c12 majere4
Huh. I guess the language transfer thing was cool, but I'd expect it to require an absolute trust to allow someone that much control of your mind - literally writing new information into your brain!
Oh well, it's a cool ability, OOC or not.

I would expect Hogwarts, who has already demonstrated the ability to directly speak to Harry, to do so rather than wasting time speaking to his familiar. Past that, I was lucky enough to avoid the trauma of my girls' first menses, but I was quite prepared to handle it if needed.
I'm amused because I just saw a pic with two girls talking: "You know your man loves you when he gives you the last bite of his favorite food." and the second replies, "No, you know he loves you when he goes to the store for pads and gets you the right kind!"
9/30/2021 c11 majere4
OK, I like that the boys helped, but I honestly don't believe that any girl would let them take the girls to bed unsupervised.
Not to make it sexual, just for privacy. It would be different if they knew about the relationship with Lyn, but they don't.

Hermione's spiel about Harry being romantically attracted to Lyn was creepy. Really creepy. Thankfully people with more sense than a computer analyzer spoke up.

We're almost to the 3/4 mark... I hope you've left time for any actual relationship development.
9/30/2021 c10 majere4
Another fun chapter, I adore character development and you're doing a good job with that. Lyn is a sweetie and Harry with long hair would probably get all sorts of attention from the girls!
9/30/2021 c9 majere4
Again, agreeing to disagree (completely disregard) the amazing bouncing ferret. Past that, the story is moving at an enjoyable pace, and I'd be happy to see it continue as such if you were not already past the halfway mark.
I'm guessing that you'll throw some more major distractions in before Daphne and he connect. Will he adopt a Gryphon? A baby squid? Miniature Giant Space Hamster? Talking Trash Panda?
Hmmm... This kind of nonsense has given me a bad feeling. Skeezer is going to be coming soon, isn't it?
9/30/2021 c8 majere4
I see you have Daphne making a bold move... several of them in fact, and by Susan's actions, she is not jumping the gun.
I'm still reeling from the whole 'adopt an 11 yr old' plot arc, but I enjoy your writing style so I'm just going to stick my fingers in my ears and go 'la la la la la!' every time dorko death-eater enters the scene.
I feel that this thoughtful, mature approach to your obvious mental illness is best for both of us in our continued (if sadly one-sided) relationship.
Duchess continues to entertain, Ron hasn't required castration yet, Harry becoming an animagus with Daphne is on the horizon... fun stuff!
9/29/2021 c7 majere4
OK, I'm going to start this comment off by saying that I am really enjoying the story. I adore your writing and am happy, overall, with the characters and plot.

But. I have Several issues.

you... but... what the falafel?
WHY!? The snake was odd, but... reasonable?

"happening upon a man beating a young, orphan witch, adopting her on the spot"

That's insane. I don't mean for Harry, I mean for the story.
I could see some witch, someday, accepting Harry and his biological(sorta) daughter, but add some stray girl already grown to Hogwarts age? Why would anyone sign up for that, especially at their young age?
I'll tell you why they'd do so: Because he's Harry Potter. Advantage, power, money, prestige. Everyone not motivated by such things would stay Far, Far away.
The only alternative I could see to that is someone who met and fell in love with him without knowing of his other circumstances. Sorry for the rant, but this is just so bizarre and completely random.

"Don't insult my daughter Malfoy," Harry's voice was like ice. Draco may have been on the light side, but that didn't mean he wasn't still a bastard most of the time.

"What are you gonna do, throw a rattle at me?" Draco smirked, and Harry glared, though he didn't do anything.

"Say what you like, but I'm not going to fight you, not when she could get hurt," Harry glanced down at Rose, who was awake in the sling. She was quiet though, as if sensing her papa was tense.

"Scared Potter?" Draco sneered, and Harry got a vague sense of déjà vu, remembering second year.
Yeah. He's "of the light" alright. Just like dementors are "just guards". Exactly what of the zero good and/or light things did ferret do? His mum saved Harry in canon, and in that same original universe dorko was a shitebag at the best of times, a death eater who tried to kill Harry at worst.

I'm dealing with a lot of the oddness in your story, but a dickless ferret that threatens a man holding his daughter without repercussions is too damned much. I clenched my jaw at that nonsense; Hermione is Head Girl, how about using the characters in your story to rein in the spineless thug before something bad happens to Harry's daughter?
Bleh, I do f'ing hate that scummy little shite.

"I mean, I know you could use a broom or something, or maybe a levitation charm, but you obviously didn't use your broom, and your wand's been here on the table this whole time."
Moody would freaking kill him. What good is a wrist holster if you're going to drop your wand on random tables for no apparent reason?

As I said, I am enjoying your storytelling, but... there's a few problems. Some of them have tattoos and should be in prison.
9/29/2021 c6 majere4
OK, the huge deadly snake familiar takes us away from the joyfully simple tale.
That said, it's pretty cool, and will definitely provide some additional protection for Rose.

Why on earth would you say that Daphne was friends with ferret? Neutrality would demand NEUTRALITY, not sucking up to a megalomaniacal impotent shitebag. Please tell me he died in the war?

I was really happy with the 'Weasley family bonding moment'. It is your fic, and so long as Ron doesn't act like canon, the rest is all just nice, fluffy filler. I am surprised at how Ginny is acting. Granted, you've already started Daphne's stalking her prey...

Speaking of prey, Duchess is pretty hilarious. Nice job on picking a truly unique personality, it should prove... interesting!
9/29/2021 c5 majere4
I think my favorite thing about this chapter was the sheer Naturalness of it all.
Everyone behaved exactly as I'd guess they would, right down to Molly yelling about only 3 hours remaining before walking right out of the room (loved that scene) and, of course, everyone simply falling in love with Rose and not wanting to push for details.

Nice sneaky inclusion of the blue roses. Personal symbol or?

"Daughter!?" Professor McGonagall gasped finally.

"Yes," Harry grinned again, shifting her in his arm so he could eat more easily. "I know, bit of a shock and all that. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to get used to her since she'll be coming with me to Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore already said it was fine."
Poor McG, I can see Sirius and James howling with laughter at this!

cameras had been left on the tables for the guests to take pictures of everything. They'd then be collected and developed, and Bill and Fleur would use them to make a wedding album.
lol, I can just see the stacks of pictures of Rose with xyz person and just a few of the bride & groom :D

"Babies aren't so deplorable as older children," Severus raised an eyebrow. "Though if you tell anyone I said that I will deny it and hex you six ways from Sunday."
Yay, Snivellus is dead, but Severus... notsomuch :D

Well, if you can write a passable 'human!Snape', perhaps you can also construe a 'mature!Ron'. I'll have to hope so as the canon pairing is just plain sickening.
9/29/2021 c4 majere4
Rose Potter. I do like that name... so very much more than Rose Weasley, for instance. I will forgive you for getting those two together if you have performed the proper cranial-rectal-inversion ritual on the shite-for-brains little boy?

SO... I assume Sirius is dead?
What about Remus and Tonks, who... well, are they together? Do they have a baby (shouldn't yet, I guess, but she'd be preggers... but he wouldn't necessarily know that... sheesh lol)

Albus was pretty cool, all things considered. Stubborn Harry certainly wasn't giving him any room to talk.

I was kind of hoping Harry would help out Lacey - financially, you know, his 'saving people thing'. Oh well.

I hope Hermione still has that jar handy as Rita Skeezer will have a field day with Harry and Rose.
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