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for True Love Never Dies

2/12/2007 c5 x-xTwisted Nightmarex-x
2/12/2007 c4 t3hlinz1223
i really like it, you should keep it up
2/2/2007 c4 x-xTwisted Nightmarex-x
Update Soon!:]
1/29/2007 c3 lubylover912
I love it! Please continue there is certainly not enough luby stories out there i've decided!
1/20/2007 c3 4lubyforeverx711
ooh..i really like this story. its sweet =) please update soon =)
1/20/2007 c3 x-xTwisted Nightmarex-x
Update Soon :]
1/20/2007 c3 13NaomiP
Not a bad job here. Pretty well written all around. (I mightnote that it says about our comparative school systems that you Brits generally have a better grasp of grammar and spelling than most US writers of comparable age!)

I am a bit lost in the contents though. I might be able to better follow the characterizations and actions if I knew when this was set (or if it's totally AU.) Carter and Abby had broken up long before Neela and Morris arrived. Did they get back together again? And the 'Carter goes to Africa' thing also doesn't seem to fit into any rational timeline. Finally, a couple of practical issues: I can't see that it would be necessary for Luka to ask the hospital CoS permission for a sick nurse (or resident? or med student?) and a doctor to go home. Wouldn't that be the responsibility of the ER chief? And it seems VERY dubious that, unless she was drunk, Abby would have slept through being carried to the car, buckled in, driven home, carried upstairs, put to bed, etc. Adults don't tend to sleep quite that soundly!
8/27/2006 c1 Isabella2000
"but for now can you just hold me?”

“You know I will” He told her and embraced her.

I love this part! It's the greatest part of the chapter! I love your story! Update ASAP

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