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1/2/2008 c3 31PJ Zatken
Ah, a fangirl's dream come true...a tender moment between the two... *sighs*
1/2/2008 c2 PJ Zatken
Oh my...not good...not good at all...Muraki, I mean...

the chappie's very good... It's nice that you've laid out how the two care of each other very much...TsuSoka's so cute together :)
1/2/2008 c1 PJ Zatken
Aww...those two are cute... And I had just been made aware of how warped my mind it when I read the first part of the story... If I was Tatsumi, I'd be the same

Good chappie...will be reading more...
10/16/2007 c13 12Pugnacious Peace
HEY! Ryu is a character in my book... O.o Anywho...

Great story! I LOVED it!
2/9/2007 c13 4Brynnie-Chan124
(almost crying) What a great story. Drama, scary stuff, and love all rolled into one. You caught Tsuzuki and Hisoka's relationship so well. As for your character, Kuri, she's one of the most in-depth and non-MarySue original characters I've ever seen. I can't wait to read the sequel... (And yes, that is partially out of my wanting to see Muraki again in spite of how evil he is. I'm a hopeless Muraki fangirl...^_^;;) Oh well. Keep writing! This was great for a first multi-chapter!
12/27/2006 c13 37Lady Psychic
This is an awesome story! I liked it!
12/12/2006 c13 animegurl715
whoo!sequal! great story!a little sad at points but good!
12/6/2006 c13 67WingsofSmoke
*chanting* SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! Please say yes to sequel! Mwahahaha, they are going to get married! And was that your first lemon? If so, very good. Mine kinda is weird, so... meh.

Muse: Cause you suck at lemons.

Saphira: Hey! It was my first one! You're no help! Besides, you're the one who planned it out, and I was just the writer!

Muse: *grumbles, goes to thinking*

Saphira: Anyway... please write the sequel! I love TsuSoka ficcies, especially the few in which they get married... aw, kawaii desu ne! Write soon!

~Saphira Nakare Ruakara and Thinking Muse
12/5/2006 c13 1Fuji and Eiji's Girl
WAH! SEQUAL! . Please? ^-^ Like, in the sequal, is it gonna be in the future? Or in the present? NO, WAIT! DON'T TELL ME! I'll wait... No, I need to know! No! ARG! Ur... *pout* Uhh... Che... *looks away* *pout* I'll wait until you write a sequal... If you do... . WAH! I can't wait for the sequal! If you write on... (geez, what's with my personality changes in this review...?) Well... Yeah... I'll wait! ^-^ Buh-bye! Just, do you think you might be able to tell me when you write the sequal...?

~Fuji and Eiji's Girl

"You're only a child once, go crazy, have fun, get into trouble... It may be worth it..."
10/28/2006 c11 67WingsofSmoke
WHAT! NO REVIEWS FOR CHAPTER 11? *glares at lazy people* Kono Bakas, review nandayaro? *huffs and then turns to author* Well, this little fic of yours is coming along great. I liked the part where Kuri went into Hisoka's mind and helped him escape. The glass effect was pretty good as well. I was thinking about putting that in one of my fics, but I'm not so sure I can now. *pouts* Well, keep up the good work!

~Saphira Nakare Ruakara

P.S. Can I please put the glass effect in my story as long as I cerdit it to you for the idea?

P.P.S. Dont' stop writing!
10/8/2006 c8 7laustic
Yay! Hisoka's been rescued but will he ever be all right after what Muraki has done to him?
10/8/2006 c8 coffee-house-girl
I'm so happy that he at least has Hisoka back now, but I feel sorry for Kuri. I can't wait for the next chapter. Great Chapter.
9/25/2006 c7 laustic
Great chapter. I like the way you wrote Hisoka and Tsuzuki in this story. Its painfull to see Tsuzuki having to endure the training since he`s forced to see Hisoka in pain. I`m looking forward to the next chapter.
9/20/2006 c6 4EvilS
OMG! Whats the plan! O_o O I hope They are able to save Hisoka! I hope Tsuzuki will be ok, and I like ur original character! Please update soon! O_O O SPARKLY!

*pets sparkly* O O_O
9/20/2006 c6 chiina
what happened to hisoka-chan...but poor tsuzuki-san...
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