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8/20/2013 c6 Guest
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6/2/2013 c5 13EwigeStudentin
I think I loved this chapter most :) The image of V and Evey trying to frighen each other on Halloween is just to sweet and homey that I can't resist it :)
1/22/2008 c6 BlaqueCat13
Oh I am so loving the Perils of Erik the suit of armour. You have a wonderful imagination, I would have never thought of using the suit of armour's point of view, clever, clever! Please keep this up or if you are writing this elsewhere please let me know, I am becoming a fan of Erik!
1/22/2007 c6 873833
Hey! I haven't been on here for ages and I've missed Erik's developments - but now I am back!

Poor Erik!

Poor Erik's Masculinity!


Fantastic job. :D

11/14/2006 c6 5princess moon shadow
Love it!
11/14/2006 c6 17BeliBali

What did she use, a hacksaw and a plainer?
11/14/2006 c6 2pinkarella7
I'm so glad you've updated PP! I just love your Erik stories! Please don't stop writing them!
11/13/2006 c6 Snickle-Gigger
Oh, poor Erik! Lol! What will V think when he sees this? Oh God, what if Evey puts that stuff on his mask? o.0 Actually, I'd kind of like to see

And no problem for the C2 add; it's mainly for stories that are just plain good, and your story is definately just that. Well done. =D

Update soon!
11/13/2006 c6 11Bastet1023
*sighs* Poor Erik... will he ever be the same? This chapter was great, though I'm missing the parts where he rants against V. Very good job though! Keep Updating!
11/13/2006 c6 Salt06
Gulping down wine... ahh yes, that does speed up the relaxation process. Sorry haven't reviewed in a while. Loaded with school... As always, please more chapters soon!
11/13/2006 c6 28TheShadowCat
Ah, poor Erik being given the *treetment*. *snicker* And what do you mean you're not getting a lot of reviews? 33 reviews for 5 chapters is pretty bloody impressive. Be glad you're not writing an X-Men story where you practically have to put the readers into a headlock to get them to review. I actually had to threaten no new chapters if I didn't get any reviews. At any rate, great job and more soon please.
10/9/2006 c3 4Hisoka B
This chapter was just a bit... fantastic. Actually, it made me reel in laughter and joy.

I love it how you have Erik narrating, it's very interesting. (Although I must admit i was confused at first, as i had just finished watching Phantom of the Opera =) )
10/7/2006 c5 17BeliBali
snorts with laughter...lovely pet, just lovely.

Would like to write more, but am a exhausted Yoda. ta for now
10/6/2006 c5 5princess moon shadow
Love it!
10/6/2006 c1 9SkyKissed
I do so adore this's always so funny and creative. And I do so love Eric. KEEP IT UP YOUR DOING AWESOME! *favorites*
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