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5/18/2007 c24 6team.aaf
No! What has Snake just done...? Eek.

Hm, still not quite sure what it was that was given to Scott, but it seems as though he might just be reckonising John...

Speaking of which, a lot might have happened but John needs to find an outlet for his anger... maybe a punching bag on TB5...?

As for Colonel Williams, I fear that his rescue may be a long time in coming, International Rescue are a little tied up at the moment really, and Jeff had said that Alan wasn't too go and help right now.

Well done on another chapter, and don't worry about when you actually get to update, so long as you do at some point!

5/18/2007 c24 sam1
I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT! I guess I should have known that you were planning something evil but I didn't think that you'd let Scott get blamed for the terrorist attack nor IR being the ones who funded it.

Wonderful to see that you've updated. I know that I had read and beta'd most of this chapter but it was still great reading it all the way through in one go.

Now, you'd better not dilly-dally around for the next update.
5/17/2007 c24 anon
So happy there's another chapter! Or I was until I read the end. Can't you give the poor boy a break? I mean, really, you've kidnapped him, drugged him, shot him, drugged him again (and finally let him wake up...thank you!), and now you're going to get the law on him? As if he won't feel guilty enough.

Beautifully written, and love the survival of the fittest line. I'd almost forgotten about the Colonel, glad to see he's hanging on.

And I knew Caspian wasn't all bad!

Can't wait for the next chapter...
5/17/2007 c23 bluesweetie1978
are yoy going to kill scoot off
4/19/2007 c23 anon-oyed and late sorry
ok, thats just evil leaving it hanging.

This has got to be Gordons best moment so far, 'peas'. Funny!

As for Jeff, him punching the guard like that was a new side of him you've not shown before, but his protectivness towards his children reminds me of a Scott reaction. Like father-like son?

Now you have me wondering what the hell caspian is doing to scott? Has she killed him? Whos coming into the room? Gawd, get the next chapter up soon.
4/18/2007 c23 39JackFrost23
Scott! You are going to kill Scott you got to be kidding please tell me you are kiding. One question though, who opened Scott's door?
4/18/2007 c23 anon
Thanks! You've done it again. My first thought was, ha, I was right, Caspian isn't so bad...but now I'm scared about what exactly that drug was. It was only some sort of neutralizer right? Right? Oh, and I love the bit about the peas. I always thought Gordon might be pretty good at helping the others sort out emotional stuff despite his carefree attitude and you've written that very well. Also, I like how although you've got the boys worried and emotionally fried you don't have them breaking down completely (at least not yet). It seems way more in character.

Very nice, and well written all round. Can't wait for the next update!
4/18/2007 c23 6team.aaf
How could you leave it like this? The next chapter better be up soon! ;-) (Well, I guess you can take as long as you want as long as it's as good as the rest have been!)

What's Caspian done to Scott? Something she said is kind of puzzling me though... 'You shall be Nix, no longer'... hm

I like the way Alan is still trying to keep International Rescue afloat even in this mess, but maybe Jeff should have let them go. Williams might be needing their help, and he deserves it after all he's done for the boys and Jeff.

Thanks for another great chapter!
4/18/2007 c23 jendarra
No, you can't leave it like that!

great chapter, but what has Caspian done?

You know I'll beg, please update soonest.
4/18/2007 c23 60Sam1
You evil, evil, evil could you do that? Should have known something bad was gonna happen after the way you ended that email this morning (stomps foot on the floor in total frustration).

Leave it to Gordon to joke John out of his aggravation by turning a simple word into something innocent such as peas. Ya gotta love him, hmm actually ya gotta love 'em all. Only Alan is at the very bottom of the list.

Great update and looking forward to the next!
4/16/2007 c22 6team.aaf
Oh, what's going on! : Scott doesn't seem to remember to John, Virgil's hitting on nurses/doctors and John's getting angry...

The only one who seems normal is Gordon - after all he's still finding time to be cheeky... which I loved by the way.

Another great chapter. Just when I thought things were starting to go okay, it all gets twisted again. Eek for Scott, what's Caspian going to do?
4/16/2007 c22 39JackFrost23
A little while back I asked about Scott's brain,his brain working again the right way? Anyway this chapter was the best. but I am a little confused about the story. probably because i have not read the story for a while. could you e-mail me a brief summery of what the story is about?
4/15/2007 c22 sam1
Ha, got to make your 100th review! You so better not let those dirty ba...nope not gonna get me to curse, jerks get their hands on Scotty again. Let that icky junk get flushed from his system enough so that he can recognize his real brothers and keep Wolf away from him or at least let John and Gordon beat the crap out of him for being a total jacka**.

Next update soon?
4/15/2007 c22 jendarra
Hey welcome back.

Just tell me you're not going to let Caspian and Co get their hands back on Scott.

It's time he went home, and remembered who he is.

But somehow I don't think its going to happen is it?

Can't believe that Col Williams has sacraficed himself.

I'm waiting for the next installment.
4/14/2007 c22 60Sam1
WHAT? You call me evil yet you leave the update with "Vixen, it's me. I'm with him now..." I've waited somewhat patiently and this is how you repay my patience? That's alright because I can and will get even with you.

In all seriousness, John's reaction to Scott's question had me feeling so bad for him and I think that I may have shed at least one tear. Sorry, the tear was from rubbing my eye after touching a jalapeno pepper.

Now that you're back, I will be expecting more frequent updates. No pressure or anything.
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