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4/14/2007 c22 anon
Ep! You are not going to do sned him back to Vixen and the others are you? Glad to see Virgil's coherent again, and that everyone else is okay. Nice writing for John, I liked how he remembered Alan, and the fact that you had him leave before he broke down in front of Gordon seems in line with all the boys' characters. As always, it's great to read your chapters.

There quite a few spelling/grammatical errors in this chapters, so you might want to take another read through to clean it up, but these are minor really. The story itself is great. Glad to hear you're back.
3/30/2007 c21 6team.aaf
I reckon John could be pretty scary when he's angry... I wouldn't like to cross him right now, I don't think...

Penny certainly has a way of making her point, doesn't she! Let's hope she can sort out the mess over there.

As for the explosion... what is it/where is it? And will Alan wake up and tell his father and brothers? I'm thinking they would be pretty reluctant to leave Virgil and Scott if he does.

Great chapter. Well done!
3/30/2007 c21 anon
Oh thank God they caught the Hood. I *knew* Tin Tin would see right through him. And we all needed that little shot of humour. Very nice.

Thanks too for getting us in touch with Scott and Virgil again, and Jeff's reaction was well written. Oh, and Caspian! You've done a neat job with her. I thought at first she was a he, and a nasty one at that. But now I'm thinking she just got her morals mixed up. Maybe she'll come through for our boys?

I like John and Gordon here too, it sounds like they're finally getting things back under their control. Now if only Alan would wake up...

A great chapter as always. there are a few tiny grammatical errors, but nothing to be too worried about. Looking forward to 22!
3/30/2007 c21 jendarra
You finally had me laughing when Tin Tin and the others were sorting out the Hood.

At last Jeff knows where Scott is, but for how long?

And what's going on with Colonel Williams, and this explosion, is it a trap?

Please update soonest.
3/30/2007 c21 60Sam1
OMG...I was so laughing my ass off at the Hood's overconfidence and huge oversight of just how sly the Tracy family and friends really are. Well-written and funny as hell, you did great!

Then you had to switch gears and get me teary eyed at Jeff's reaction to seeing Scott. That wasn't nice but then I don't think that you intended to be nice to any of us. Worried about John's calm anger. Somebody's gonna pay and in a huge way if he gets hold of them, scary thought.

Anyway, you need to get this updated again soon.
3/25/2007 c20 anon
Of course I want more! Thank God Wolf's under control right now, you're doing a fantastic job keeping me guessing about his character, I can't decide if he's good or bad...To be honest, I think he's genuine in caring about Scott, but has a wierd (bad) way of showing it. Very interested to see how he turns out. I like Colonel Williams already too, I can just see him and Jeff being friends. Brilliant as always...update soon
3/25/2007 c20 6team.aaf
Glad to know the reviews are working!

Another great chapter. I can't quite decided whether Wolf is telling the truth at all or not. I know the last chapter suggested his was going to try another trick, but I can't help wondering if there is some truth in what he says...

Let's hope Penny gets to the bottom of it all!

And, Scott better get better soon... without any complications - they've been through way to much!
3/25/2007 c20 39JackFrost23
3/25/2007 c20 jendarra
I don't think I can take much more.

I still don't think Wolf can be trusted. Even after what he told Penny.

Glad Colonel Williams seems to be on their side, they could do with a break.

You know what I'm going to say next, please update soon (can we have better news about Scott please, I'll beg if needed)and well done for the three chapters this week
3/25/2007 c20 60Sam1
Yeah, yeah, yeah, rub it in why don't ya? I'm seriously lacking in the ability to update and you're totally kicking my butt in that regard.

Just what are you up to now? What incriminating evidence did Agent 12 find? Oh, I'm so not happy with the way all this is going but you are doing a great job of keeping the mystery going.

Looking forward to the next update which you should have up by what Tuesday or Wednesday?
3/24/2007 c19 anon-oyed beyond recognision
ggr, darn it msH, are you trying to give us all heart attacks? yeah, sure you gave us some Scott this time, but did you have to let that happen?

Now I know you've not finished with them yet.

At least Virgil got away. And Parker has Wolf at his mercy at long last.

Still a lot needs answering. New characters, the Hood, Vixen and wolf...So give us another chapter.

Well done on another excellent chapter!
3/23/2007 c19 jendarra
Okay, not sure that Scott's still out of the woods yet, but really did you have to scare me like that. Still think you have more planned for him.

In the excitement of everything else had forgotten the Hood still had Thunderbird one.

This chapter was brilliant, plese don't make me wait to long for update on Scott.
3/22/2007 c19 6team.aaf
Hm, what is Wolf planning? And the Hood as well?

I think that there may well be more trouble headed the Tracy's way...

Another great chapter; you just love to leave us guessing!
3/22/2007 c19 39JackFrost23
You told me that this chapter would be posted sometime over the weekend! I am pretty disapointed with the surgons for not checking the brain monitor though. Just to let you know i really enjoy reading this story even though I am confused about where Alan is though. Is he on TB5?

Is Scott going into a coma? or is He just over thinking while still Unconsious?

And What is with the Hood?

Is the Hood going to reveal himself to Tin-Tin?

Is he going to kidnap her?
3/22/2007 c19 anon
That was fast! Thank-you! Boy, you had me worried there with Scott for a bit. This means he's going to be okay now though, right? Though the brain waves things has me worried...

Nicely done bring the media back in to it, and answering where the Hood has gone. Tin Tin's not fooled right? I mean, once again, the Hood's got Scott's speech patterns all wrong. And he'd neve rland One so badly. But you're writing him (the Hood) well, especially the bit about making sure the cameras got enough shots. And Parker is great, I'm glad he's got Wolf pegged down for now.

Oh, and the idea of floating in a river was an interesting way to write unconsiousness, or does that means he is conscious? Well done as always
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