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2/19/2016 c5 1DeathRaven359
2/28/2014 c9 3AbbyNormalBrain
Good story.
11/4/2013 c9 TotallySuper
Eh, it was alright. I must say I was expecting a little more, and the story was definitely rushed and slightly uninteresting. It was a good attempt but I feel the plot could have been executed a bit better. You have great idea's but there were just so many parts where I was confused or that just didn't make sense. I would suggest that for your future stories you SLOW DOWN and provide more detail, this will help give your story more feeling and depth. For this particular story I would have loved to see Data and Rose's relationship have a bit more meaning, maybe a bit more background so we could understand why they fell in love. Just try to not rush the plot, I just wish soooo much that this story had more detail and feeling. Good idea, iffy execution.

Also, if you don't want bad reviews or criticism, don't put your stories online. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. And you don't have to be a die hard Trekkie to notice the mistakes in this story, and that Data is quite out of character. I really don't think an android would be that comfortable with a human relationship and the concept of love unless they'd been together for a REALLY long time, but I can't conclude the length of their relationship, which once again brings us back to DETAIL! Slow down so that I can understand what is going on. And this may be fiction, but it is FAN-fiction, meaning you've got to stay true to the franchise and characters, fiction or not. This story has lots of room for improvement, and once again, if your not going to be accepting of criticism keep your work off the internet.
7/21/2011 c9 Emalico
Wow when I read that didn't update for 2 years I was really happy I didn't have 2 wait that long. Gr8 story by the way!
3/15/2011 c9 9Vanidot
Cute story. Even though I'm an avid trekkie I found it charming. I liked the thing about the sperm donner. After Data said he was fully functional I was thinking that maybe Dr. Soong found a way to pass on his genetic code well into the future... oh well its just a thought one I haven't gone with... yet. Thanx for the cute story even with all its faults. (I didn't see any but thats just me) TTFN!
9/5/2010 c9 4the woman is a wolf
This was really good! I LOVE Data, and I was gutted about Nemesis. You have a good knack for giving detail, without making it too long and without making me bored! I really liked the story line, though I was a bit confused when Q said Data gave the answer himself, or whatever he said! LOL!
1/15/2010 c9 26Zabe Rogue
I Love this story! It almost made me cry! I think you should write a story about how Rose and Data met. That'll be a good read. Check out my Star Trek: TNG Story about Data: Across The Stars. It's a Crossover with the X-Men. I completed five chapters so far.
6/22/2009 c9 1wmonica
It was good, I wish It was longer but it was good!
10/27/2008 c9 25Fantasyfan4ever
Aw, what a cute story! I really like the plot especially with Q involved. I so wish this actually happened in the show or in another movie! Anyways, this was really well-written. Fantastic job!
10/16/2008 c9 115Javanyet
**applause** You have no idea how long I've been waiting (2 years?) for this. I was so concerned you'd been annoyed into giving it up! Well done.
10/10/2008 c8 7StarTrekFan72
it is a good story, simple, but good...

I appreciate the happy end.

Q seems too good , isn't it true?
6/17/2008 c1 H.L
I love this story, this is just my opieon and all but: I like how you make Q in this story. What he says and etc. Please coutine this :)
2/8/2008 c7 2Travelling Army Brat
I like this. Please continue! Don't abandon it! Come back!
6/30/2007 c7 meche
Damn that Q. Kevin Joe Bays is a lonely man with no life trying to get a reaction from you, don't listen to him. I like your story. I want to know how it ends. I would love for you to finish it.
2/15/2007 c7 4midnightangelofhate
that story is great, please continue it.

I want to know what is going to happen.

Thanks for writing it.
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