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for Shades of Grey

4/15/2010 c18 3Quill-inkPantalaimon
Aw you actually made me cry lol. Brilliant story and nice effect with the switching chapters.I like the way Minerva's chapters caught up with Hermione's. Lovely story. :)
3/2/2007 c18 1Pixies123
Wow that was great! And I made this story become 100 reviews :)

Well written I enjoyed it ;)
1/4/2007 c17 11pstibbons
I'm glad Hermione's furious that she wasnt a Muggleborn. Not every author gets that right when they right a fic like this.
12/5/2006 c18 1miss.mermaid-ofthelake
I loved both chapters. so much. I can't believ its over. It really has been an amazing story..everything about it, i loved. the way you structured it, the writing, the little lines, the jokes. I don't want it to end..it has really brightened my day reading this! just what i needed. I love prof.m in it. and hermione, thats just the happy ending i was hoping for. and it was well written, funny and made me cry! It made me miss you so much, and KNGS. I really can't wait till xmas, to catch up with you and to go back to school. i would always go that extra mile for you! i know you may not think it. I'm being a bit rubbish with contact at the mo. but i love you very much! from your best friend, and devoted hp ff number 1 fan! x
12/3/2006 c18 taylorxxsue
That was a beatiful ending to a great story! The story you mentioned that will up need month is the sequel, correct?

11/29/2006 c18 tefy
AMAZING! I loved it , it was ust beautifull and I can't wait for the other story see ya
11/29/2006 c18 1avssaz14
Aw. That was so sweet. Although, I wish it wouldn't have ended. But, I loved it all the same. And yet again, I am in tears!

Thanks for a great story to read! (Can't say, Update soon, any more. Darn)
11/29/2006 c18 connieewing
WOW What a great ending thank you for sharing your story with me. keep it up ;0)
11/29/2006 c18 ga nat nat
I'm not crying because it's a sad ending... I'm crying because I know it's over! This was a BRILLIANT fanfiction! I'm truly glad that you took the time to write this out. It was very, very touching...

Thanks for writing!
11/29/2006 c18 10DanceDiva
Very good, but so short! We have closure, yay! The past two chapters went so fast. Maybe your next story won't be that way. I like your style of writing and the short chapters are not enough to satisfy. Well, there you go. Constructive criticism and praise all rolled into one. Let me know when you have the new story ready and I'll give you my email... that is, if you still want me to be your beta. Until next time...
11/27/2006 c17 1avssaz14
Uh-Oh! What's going to happen? I so cannot wait! Update Soon!

PS- If you can't find a beta, I would love to help!
11/26/2006 c17 ga nat nat
omg! only one chappie? nu! update son!

as for your beta, i would offer, but my life has been kinda crazy. if you look at my stories, none of them have been updated in like, a month, because i've been busy.
11/26/2006 c1 2adorablygranger
Like the intro
11/20/2006 c17 connieewing
Cool keep it up
11/20/2006 c17 tefy
well it is kind of sad the fact that hermione is kind of well cold with her mother but it was a good chapter jeje a little short but good so please please update soon
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