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10/25/2006 c6 MadMutant
Another amazing chapter I hope you update soon
10/22/2006 c5 3Slshadowfox
I like the story but I hope Brennan is truly going to be okay. Update soon
10/15/2006 c5 10angelstryst
Yet another good chapter. I love how you have shown the hatred that Jefferson has built up and played on Simon's hate and fears. Very good usage. Hope you get more out soon!
10/14/2006 c5 2MadMutant
This was an awesome chapter!
10/9/2006 c4 10angelstryst
Can't believe I didn't review sooner. I'm sorry! This is a great story. I can't wait to see what you have for the next chapter. Very good plot and character personality.
10/5/2006 c4 5Ringelsocke
Please finish your story! I wanna know the end! :-)
10/1/2006 c4 2MadMutant
Dude! How can you end it like that! That was awesome you have me on the edge of my seat I really hope you update soon!
10/1/2006 c4 34Tiana-P
NO! IF Brennan in the dreamscape is dead , then aint he dead really?

Update soon! I dont want him to die!
9/28/2006 c3 2slidershal
This is original! Im loving it!

Please update soon!
9/19/2006 c3 2MadMutant
Wow! I hope Brennans going to be O.K. I'm really enjoying were you're going with this.
9/11/2006 c2 16xxunowhoxx
luved the chapter
9/10/2006 c2 2MadMutant
Wow this is really cool! I like the dreamscape idea very clever. I hope you update soon
9/3/2006 c1 MadMutant
This is a really good beginning I hope you update soon
8/31/2006 c1 1Pand
That was bloody fantastic! Please update soon. I need to know what is gonna happen to Shal and Bren!

8/31/2006 c1 16xxunowhoxx
that was a great beginning
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