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6/26/2007 c27 23Aeris Leonheart
Awesome chapter!

Hey, Kiba stole one of Inuyasha's moves.
6/23/2007 c26 6Wolf-demon13
Cool! You should have the whole mission and fight be included into one. So plz update
6/22/2007 c26 jgsparks
YAY i got on my bro's computer so i could review! like the new chapt and can;t wait for the next one!

6/21/2007 c26 2SavorSweet
Yes. Yes that was short but it was AWESOME! Awesome Jobbies!
6/14/2007 c25 6Wolf-demon13
Hmm I'm kinda upset that Garra lost but atleast he's still alive anyway update I wana meet the seperents
6/13/2007 c25 23Aeris Leonheart
Great fight, but I thought you hinted that Gaara didn't have the Shukaku anymore in the last story. (Btw that fact is true in the manga.)
6/13/2007 c5 Sasuki Uchiha
This story is awesome! I love it!
6/2/2007 c24 6Wolf-demon13
Yay Orochimaru's back and Garra going to fight sombody update
6/2/2007 c20 6BunnyLoverLaur1029
5/22/2007 c23 6Wolf-demon13
That fight totally rocked! I can't wait till the fight with Garra and the next chap update
5/21/2007 c23 jgsparks
Oh My GOSH! i love it! UPDATE
5/21/2007 c23 23Aeris Leonheart
Sasuke scared me there for a mintue. Good timing Kakashi. To quote one of my favorite movies, "I have a bad feeling about this."
5/5/2007 c22 6Wolf-demon13
Seta hurry and beat that Uchichia loser
4/29/2007 c22 23Aeris Leonheart
OMFG is Sasuke insane!

Also don't worry about the Sherk 2 Reference, I just reconized is all. Besides I borrowed a line from Finding Nemo and one from The Simpson in my story The Light in the Dark Part 3. You'll have to read it to find out who muttered "Sea monkey got my money" in thier sleep and who thought "Urge to kill...rising."
4/28/2007 c21 jgsparks
yay you updated! I've been waiting for it!
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