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for Therein lies the rub

1/12/2011 c1 12Rokkis just no... Especially the First POV from the OC makes for a real bad start
9/28/2010 c2 Mei-ling
*lol* I don't see why Luc isn't pointing his gun at them and DEMANDING they call him by his NEW name. Just because Harry Potter USED to be his name, doesn't mean it is now. He's gone by the name Luc De'Aeth for YEARS, and has no reason to change it back to a name that probably has nothing but bad memories for him, if he remembers having that name at some point in his life. *lol*
2/18/2010 c9 25Basill
Somebody is going to die. Update asap plz!
11/9/2009 c9 Moon Phoenix
PLEASE update soon!
11/9/2009 c9 Moon Phoenix
9/26/2009 c9 Riddicks-gurl1988
Oh my God I love your concepts and its about time that everyone come off the thought process that Harry is a goody two shoes after everything that he has been through...So all of your references are beyond awesome and I can't wait to see what Lucus/Harry does next to the Potter's.
9/10/2009 c8 5Pearl of Hope
I'm going to review my chapter again cause I didn't get any reviews really for the last chapter I posted. haha, I heart my story. :) Keep up the good work!
9/7/2009 c9 mizzrazz72
Lucas was happy. It they had left him alone, nonw of this would be happening.
9/7/2009 c9 ChocolateRosePetals
omg i am really enjoying this story! Plz write more!

wait is donte dante? i was just wondering.

plz keep up with it 4 this story is beautifully written! =)

1/15/2009 c9 Miss Count Duckula
id r&r, but you havent posted in 2 years. im pouting.
4/20/2008 c9 AgentArtemis714
Though it doesn't seem like you will continue with the story I do have to say it was refreshing to read something new, though the story does seem a little too fast paced for me its still really good.
2/20/2008 c9 Nikita Domolov
AH GODS I LOVE THIS STORY SO FRIGGIN MUCH! um... cough cough erm... sorry bout that I got a little carried away but please continue this story i really like this story its awsome i've been reading fanfics for about 5 years and this is definitly one of my favorites so please continue it pretty please ( teary puppy dog eyes x infinite cuteness )lol any way i really hope you continue because it would be a shame to lose a good story and who really cares if no one else likes it all that matters is that you like it and you definitly have me as a fan so yeah any way good luck with your writing i will follow along with your progress

And the gods said let there be harry potter fan fics and it was so.

Toodles : P
1/1/2008 c9 15ladylookslikeadude
I think it's pretty good.
12/6/2007 c9 47Yaraslava Rada
Interesting. I'm glad you decided to continue it. It's pretty good. Update again soon please!
8/17/2007 c9 serene18
this story is great one of the best that i have read please i am begging you on my knees and with all my heart please please please continue this story and thank you for writing the story I hope that you write more like it
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