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10/26/2013 c3 N
Aww dudeee... this s torture... will you ever complete this? :(
12/5/2009 c3 Sora
Please write more1 i have been searching desperately for fics like these...

please, update
6/13/2008 c1 5PeteWentz
6/4/2008 c3 3Shizuka21
That's nice. I wonder how Sirius will get Remus to talk to him, so... continue ?
1/12/2008 c3 3AntiLupinTonks

ugh. Can u plz update? PLEASE.


11/1/2007 c3 anonymous
I really enjoyed your story.

It's a shame you left it there. I hope you will update it sometime in the near future.
3/30/2007 c3 Kamiack
"The windows shuddered painfully against their edges, making a moaning sound." hehe moaning...

"the wind whipping around him like a blanket to his nimble form." hehe I'm such a pervert.

you have a very interesting plot, I mean like who thinks of black getting stuck in a mental ward?

I always figure out things the second before it's revealed. When Beaire was walking in the hallway(which is totally normal by the way) I was like OMFG HE'S EVIL! For no apparent reason.

Keep writing because this is the only story with Blacks in mental hospitals C:
3/28/2007 c3 slightlybetter
Updated: 11-04-06? Come on stay with us! Don't u dare give up on this!This is a really good plot idea, and right now u've left us at a suspenseful moment! An update would be much appreciated, so PLEASE UPDATE!(please?^^)
11/22/2006 c3 11screwthestandard101
Ack, the cliffies, they burn. Loved the chapter though. ^^ Especially the bosom buddy part. Brilliant. =D Keep it up. - Iamme
11/21/2006 c3 7phangirl
I like the story and hope you update soon. I was wondering Anna, is that someone else or was her name in the beginning Anya? Also in the first chapter Sirius knew who voldemort was, he asked dumbledore if he was voldemort in disguise. Sorry if I sound rude, I don't mean to beacuae I really do like your story, you said you wanted people to you mistakes...

^_^ phangirl ^_^
11/21/2006 c2 phangirl
I like your story, it's one of the more original stories of this pairing! ^_^

^_^ phangirl ^_^

p.s. Satoshi would so totally go on top.
11/9/2006 c3 4Hpfan4life1313


i'm freaking out in my seat here!

loved it!

absofuckinglutely loved it!

update please!
11/5/2006 c3 Becky
I love this story! You have to update soon, ok?
11/5/2006 c3 8The Miss Marauders
*gasp* DUDE! You CAN'T not know about Voldy! I mean, he's VOLDY!

They can't take poor Remy...

Hang on, is Blaire McCoggan-the "nice doctor"-the Death Eater? Bizarre-o...


But Sirius will go with him or something...right?



x Cazzy xxo

PS: My KIU is like your "continuation yes?" Tis mine. ^^ I created it. :P
11/5/2006 c3 42ArtysSexKitten
Most of my fav lines in this chapter have something to do with Dumbledore. And this:

James raised an eyebrow.


XD The first part with Remus and his... whatever. That was weird. At first I thought it was a werewolf, but... ^^; I don't remember werewolves quite looking like that. Kreepy... Keep going, you're doing great! You set this out like a real book!
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