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11/4/2006 c3 zuerlein2001
I really hope writing this has helped you I did enjoy it and would love to see more.

11/4/2006 c3 6MagicalWinry
10/20/2006 c2 11screwthestandard101
Yay! Another slash obssesed person! I love you! Okay...I'm sure that sounded really strange so please don't be offended by it. ^^'

Really love the story so far and since you asked for constructive comments, I would like to give you the only one I can think of. ^^

The only thing I could point out to you is that you put 'strait' instead of 'straight'. I don't know if someone already said that but it just caught me.

Anyways not a big deal and I hope you continue when you get the chance! ^^ - Iamme
10/19/2006 c2 1Thewolfpack
10/10/2006 c2 4Hpfan4life1313
please don't take forever in updating!

cuz i'll go crazy if you do!

i'm just in love with this fic!

and Remus spoke, he spoke damn it!

so you have to update!

becuase i have a feeling Sirius is going to freak becuase Remus spoke

so yeah...

please update soon!
10/10/2006 c1 Hpfan4life1313
love you fic!

oh and i also enjoyed your little 'bonus'

i agree with everything on it!

10/10/2006 c2 10onlytomriddle
i like your plot idea. i haven't seen something like this before, though i must admit your characterization is pretty much nil. some of the grammar needs work, and the writing style lacks a distinct voice. (eliminating the word "very" would help. i see you use it a lot) so how old are you?

i like your quiet Remus. i'd like to see more insight into why he's like that, and whether he's really insane. how did he get into that hospital?
10/10/2006 c1 NoDayBut2Day525600
Awesome story. I liked the first version better, but this lives up to my expectations too.

PS- I, too, swing for both team's people, as you put it. XD
10/9/2006 c2 thepoweroflove
wow loved it update asap plz
10/8/2006 c2 3marauders4
Wonderful work as usual. I can't wait to see if Remus starts to talk more!

Umm, by the way, when they go to Hogwarts, will Lucius try to bed Remus? Cuz that would be really awesome...*is and Remus/Lucius shipper*
10/8/2006 c2 8The Miss Marauders
lol my slash love is something like that minus the sister...I've been into slash about 2 years now. ^^ I must have been 14 I think-I'm 17 now.

Wow! Remus spoke! Wow, that's awesome! And he looks forward to Sirius's greetings yet still "hates" him! Mwahahaha! And not a werewolf...that'll mean he becomes one either at school or he manages to run away and gets bitten then...right?


KIU, ly,

x Cazzy xxo
10/8/2006 c2 42ArtysSexKitten
Wow... everyone likes this... Inuyasha. Myself? It was Dragonball Z. It was my LIFE. ^^ Ahh anime. What would we do without it? I loved this chapter, I loved two things the most! And I will show them to you!

The Big Bo-Jo thing. Aww, lol. Trust the lovely Remus to be the only one the guy likes.

And... THIS!

Remus shook his head rapidly, grabbing onto the withdrawing arm with enough force to make the boy look at him curiously.

And it slipped.

It wasn’t supposed to come out.

He even thought he had lost the ability.

“Please…” Remus whispered softly, almost inaudibly.

XD I LOVED that. I can't wait until you update. Don't rush, these works of genius take time. But I've added you to everything so I won't miss your next chapter. And I'm adding you again for good messure.
10/8/2006 c1 ArtysSexKitten
I see it's a different plot. And personally, I like this one much better than the old one. Remus is so adorable. He threw a book at Sirius! XD Going to read the other chapter now!
10/8/2006 c2 kate
Dear White Wolf Cub,I love this story and think you write so well.I would point out mistakes if I noticed any,[as you requested]but when a story is this interesting and creative I tend to not notice,unless they are glaring.I also love Remus/Serius pairings and am totally for gay rights.I once had a white wolf cub.She married for life a wonderful grey wolf and they had a wonderful,beautiful family of cubs.They both died of old age,and I still miss them.Watching them daily was one of the best experences of my life.Sorry to be so long winded.Your name reminded me of my beautiful wolves.Their names were Jade and Legend.Can't wait for the next up date.Also what are Mary Sue's? Thanks and love,Kate.
10/7/2006 c2 1StormDarkblade
Hmm. Interestig story on how you got on here. I can't even remember why I did. Probably something about Inuyasha too.

... that must be the worlds biggest starter anime o_O;;

&I think for yaoi and shounen-ai... I dunno. Must've stumbled across xD

Good story so far! As always.
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