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for I'll Be There, Always

4/7/2013 c1 Guest
"You'll be in my heart" from Tarzan, I see
10/30/2009 c1 35SophiaOfSlytherin
Lol, I was about to ask, "Did you get that from Phil Collins?" and then I saw the little Authors Note. XD. Great story, despite my stupidity XD
12/15/2007 c1 Roch0ester
I tell you, you have a thing with touching sentimental lines that engrave in our minds. Like, remember the rain narcissa. and now, you'll be in my heart always. AH you're brainwashing me!

I thought this fic was really sweet, and I liked the whole idea, but wasn't Snape a bit OOC? He came around so quickly...BUT none the less, great writing!
11/11/2007 c1 14WrittingPrincess9
You'll b in my heart.' good choice of song fic. I like it.

4/26/2007 c1 NadaZilch
It was really good, but then it turned all Tarzan-y!
3/20/2007 c1 3k9cat
1/5/2007 c1 12Narcissa B Malfoy
This story was great! It was a magnificent concept which was executed brilliantly! If it was not to be placed in Drama, I don't know where...Romance perhaps? *intended sarcasm*

Just because Granger21 has "the emotional range of a teaspoon, doesn't mean we all have."

They were NOT out of character, and the reason Granger21 was as they claim, "laughing through the entire thing" was probably because they could not possibly write something this good.

And look on the bright side Bella, YOU don't beg people for reviews, like a certain someone who shall remain nameless, but I think we all know who I'm talking about...

Great work, Bella! Keep it up!

~ Narcissa B Malfoy ~
1/4/2007 c1 13ABitOfBlack
Well i thought this was very well written indeed! they are all very much in character!

and Granger21, the drama was there, so unless you're completely dimwitted to understand the emotions, which i and as u can see a number of other reviewers all coould understand, i think u better re-read the story!

but dear bella this story was well written and GREATLY executed!

and the concept was insanely cool! (poor sirius *sniff*)
12/29/2006 c1 11Granger21
Are you sure this was suppose to be a drama fic? I was laughing through the entire thing. You placed that song in the worlds of Severus and it did NOT work at all. I think that in order for this to have worked out properly, you would have definately needed to be either more in character with Severus or completely out of it. Nice concept, bad execution.
11/22/2006 c1 4Vyacheslav Andreevici Braskov
loved it! really beautiful!
10/16/2006 c1 ShesMyCHerryPI
weres tarzan when ya need him...well at leaste you found a good use for that bloody annoying song! AND SICNE SEV SAID IT IT MAKES IT BETTER!(swoons)

Alex:...(pushes Elfangor off of chair)...
9/23/2006 c1 2whispersinthenight13
I like this story. This song is one of my faves...I (lamely) started singing it while I was reading and almost cried...it's such a sweet song though...

I find I rather like this sort of portrayal of a 'relationship' between Snape and Harry. It's not overly fluffy (to me at least) and it's not the Snape-hates-harry-and-harry-hates-snape-but-the-problem-resolves-instantly plot...those actually bug me a ton...

Good job.

9/9/2006 c1 2Rho108
This is a great short story, I LOVE it! It is somewhat fast-paced, but in this story it fits well. I encourge you to continue this, I can see it unfolding to something great and unique. But then again, it'd also be just nice to leave it that way, because of what Severus said to Harry at the end. Great job, this is a unique short story and I'll be happy and proud to have it on my favorite's list!
9/6/2006 c1 15PiperLeoEternally
AW I LOVED IT! u should continue it!
9/6/2006 c1 lovelydarkness
My dear, it is a lovely story. I give you my congrats.

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