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for Que Sera, Khe Sanh

12/16/2014 c1 32LAGC
I just found this story. I totally enjoyed it. Action, suspense, drama, and comedy all neatly rolled together.
It was a great study of Face and his blind dedication to Hannibal. Even in the series you could see some of that "hero worship" at play.

I've often wondered about that "terrible plan" that gets referenced in "Small and Deadly War"

Great job.
3/21/2010 c1 5TheEsteemedMadWomen
I love it a typical Hannibal plan

he would have more than just a pillow thrown at him if I where face or Murdock.
11/1/2009 c1 Long Live BRUCAS
Ride 'em, Cowboy." i love it. Murdock would be the one to sneak up on Face when he was with a woman in the war.

And of course Hannibal would say Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?" even if there were a few minor casualties.
8/12/2003 c1 K. H. T
hehehe, this is great!
4/27/2003 c1 MG
LOVED THIS STORY! Like your version of the better.One of the few time BA was not angry with MURDOCK for crashing. Mabye the ONLY time. :-)
6/19/2001 c1 Meg the fierce lady not signed in
Awesome! Totally Cool! I laughed so hard, I nearly cried! My sides hurt! This is a really good fic, write more!
6/14/2001 c1 wendy
This was great. Very funny, true characterization, and of course, All Along the Watchtower. :)

I've always wondered about those throwaway lines like that one. Thanks.
6/13/2001 c1 Hell's Bells
Loved this hon, just perfect, so so good!
6/13/2001 c1 Kerry Nicholls
I laughed out loud. Write more or I'll get mad!
6/13/2001 c1 Karen
Reckless! Loved your story (all of them, really!). The characters are dead on - you can actually feel the camradere. Hope to read more of your stuff when the A-Team fanfiction archive comes back up in a few days. Thanks for posting.
6/12/2001 c1 sally
hee hee hee hee hee...and even with a Jimi Hendrix song! Woo-hoo! *big grin*

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