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8/25 c63 2Lucyole
Good chapter, very interesting. Kimiko knows she isn't the real deal but isn't so sure herself what she is and what her purpose is in the end. Usagi wants to try with saiya but as her female self rather than the male, Mamoru is OK with that somewhat but isn't so sure how it will all work out. And I think that remi girl sounds dangerous or having some plan. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
8/23 c63 64The Altered Destinies
So is Ranma going to become a Cultivator
8/23 c63 1byakuyakchk36
Though i'm a little upset at the Type-Moon troll but i really enjoyed this chapter.
8/5 c62 2Lucyole
Good chapter Ranmy and Herb battle it out and come to an agreement of sorts, Ukyo is still a bit bothered by that declaration of the priest and Usagi wants to learn how to control her powers. Good work more please.
7/31 c62 James Birdsong
Great. :)
7/7 c61 119DB Sommer
Didn't realize you were still writing this. Glad I stumbled on it at the right time. I'll need to catch up.
6/28 c61 1byakuyakchk36
this was a really good chapter i enjoy shampoo's confrontation with lemon, we get to see ranma's intuitive nature and it was hilarious how sorora blindsided herb like that
6/27 c61 2Lucyole
Nice chapter and some lesson on the dragon clan History really interesting, And Usagi mother has the spirit of queen tranquility inside her but it isn't awake because of her non amazon status I wonder if they have to use the stone in the end and what Usagi have to say about it. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
3/7 c60 Lucyole
Hello I needed to reread the whole thing because I forgot most of what happend and needed to refresh my memory of it, and I still think it is and great story lots of heavy stuff fighting and emotional wise, dramatic and exciting to. There are still lots of unanswered stuff or emotions for some individuals and really Mr Tendo and Saotome should just forget about that idiotic marriage cibcrtact they made there isn't anything written right? And jkyo at least mellows down a bit but still should work on her anger and temperament issues. Ranma to gets a bit annoying with some of his nonchalant ways of thinking. I like Herb somewhat more than him, Ranko is interesting as well I like her. Good work please write more this time I will read it right away. *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
11/25/2021 c60 Charletta.bohler
its just one thing after another with usagi isn't it.

i'm actually surprised Rippa didn't know about the curse or at the very least that Ranma had a pet given his advise on Ranma's romantic situation.

so does this mean we will see dragon slayer ranma soon i'm still holding out for a tenjho tenge crossover

overall this was a nice breather episode though i'm surprised that shampoo and Kasumi's trip was so uneventful
7/4/2021 c58 6TheAlteredDestiniesFan
This was a very interesting chapter, especially seeing just how everything she has been through has affected Kasumi, I can wait to go further into it.

I think it is time to go into this since the start of this story Ranma has been a fan favorite everybody and there mother have come up with theories of where he will end up. i was so focused on that that I didn’t notice how he’s slowly becoming a background character. As revealed he is unaware and uninvolved of a lot of things that Herb by virtue of just living with her does. Though he is the only one who seems to be aware of the docile cat.

I think it is time to go more into the relationship aspects of the characters to finally get a firm grasp of where everyone stands.

This is mostly from the perspective of a very scary thought but isn’t this ranma supposed to be more emotionally aware. That is the reason kodachi doesn’t like him as he sees past the façade she puts up. that probably would have been beneficial and still could be.
5/31/2021 c1 firemaster101
Well was holding off reading this bc it seems like a far out thwir fic . But I'll atleast read a few chapters to get the feel.
1/17/2021 c30 monique.mudie
Who is Cologne father she mentioned how the thinning of the blood means Shampoo couldn't have a child at 50.
10/28/2020 c55 Mrs. Barch
Is Rage (Tenjho Tenge) and Touki (Fist of the North Star) the same thing
9/13/2020 c55 3Hiryo
Still very interesting chapter.

Hoping that Ranma is not too much sidelined later on in the story.

Anyway, please update soon!
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