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2/18/2018 c6 6BEWhiteDragon-00
Wow, probably one of my favorite YGO fictions I've read. A few problems with diction/spelling here and there, but it was an amazing story. You really captured all their characters too, and I loved this interaction with Joey and Kaiba. It feels so right for them, even this new friendship. Great work!
12/24/2014 c6 Sleeping Owl
I like how you brought the story all back together with your conclusion. It's a very effective way of wrinting anything really and gives a nice sense of closure to your story. You're a skillful writer for sure.

I would have liked to see Seto open up a little more to the others, like Joey, because it would show his growth as a person a little more. Although they seem like friends, it seems as though Seto is still reserved and not very open at all with others, which I suppose is in character but irks me a little even a year after the events of the story transpired. However, for the length of the story, I feel like it's appropriate enough. You also characterize each and every character adeptly, from Seto, Joey and Mokuba, which are the most important, to even more minor characters like Tim, who seemed like a suitable antogonist.

Overall, the elements of your story pieced together very naturally :) Great job! I love how much effort you put into this story, and appreciate it very much. It was a good read.
4/16/2014 c6 liliDreamer89
Love the story. Very we'll written 2.
3/24/2014 c6 2dancing elf
8/15/2013 c5 8SkyClawson89
Oh my gosh. I just found your story and I am in such awe you have no idea. I know you haven't updated in year's but if you see this please know there are people who love your story. Please update if you can. I wan to know what happens with seto and mokuba.
8/4/2009 c5 4black-heart-green-eyes
I will continue to say aw all day after reading this. brilliant! ^_^

8/3/2009 c1 25Kimmytrainer
Hi! This story is really good! Aside from a few grammar mistakes, it's almost perfect! Then again, nothing can be perfect... Anyways, I was reading it and it's so descriptive, but at the same time, not boring because you use so many different words and things to describe everything. It's almost like a real book!

Well, I love this story and I'm going to keep reading it. I'll review whenever I remember. It's really good!
7/28/2009 c5 2ZodiacSnake
That was really good but it could use an epilog in my opinion but i really liked it over all! ^_^
7/26/2009 c5 MythCreatorWriter
Jeez even as a kid Seto didn't have it easy. I like the idea that Seto was tortured and bullied even as a kid by someone stronger and older than him.

I'm glad Joey came back I was wondering what he was doing backing up so fast. He wouldn't do that and...since when did Joey get a brain? That was a good tactic usually Kaiba'sthe one who gets those.

Haha I love how you made things come full circle here, going to Owen who's obviously older and stronger. Man I bet Seto's change might be a surprise.

I was almost crying at the end, I was definatly touched. Moki always has the ability to melt Seto's heart at it's coldest really. I can't really see him crying like that, but if anyone would do it it's Moki. I like the Seto had to support himself because he was shaking.

I really love how you put him in situations that he would never be in but still keep him in character. I just absolutly adore that. Some misspells caused me to get confused at points, but it didn't take away from the tension.

I'm so glad you updated. ^^ I can't wait for more.
7/26/2009 c2 patriot16
Okay. It can definitely be better than this. There are a lot of spelling and grammar errors. The plot of the story is good, but the spelling and grammar are really throwing it off.
7/6/2009 c4 4black-heart-green-eyes
Love it! Love it! Please update soon. This is one of my fav stories going!

7/3/2009 c4 bluechupathingy
For once I couldn't think of anything to review as advice for improvement. ^_^ congrats! The only thing i can think to say is keep it coming. Also, your right, Joey and Kaiba are awesome as friends.
7/3/2009 c4 MythCreatorWriter
Wow I love the idea of Kaiba being so vulernable. I love that you made him seem like basically a regular guy but at the same time he's still sarcastic and prideful.

I could tell you loved this chapter it was very heart felt. I don't see Kaiba spilling so much of his life out just like that, he would have been prompted but it's about Mokuba and it works.

Heh I sleep like Kaiba, four hours works just fine for me. It's not healthy but it's manageable. I like how he automatically said "two to six on the 12th." Haha lots of good Kaiba moments here.

Yeah the idea of them being friends seems more genuine. I hope Moki's okay. And I wish I could comment more but really you did a superb job with this chapter, well worth the wait and more. Might want to check it again for spelling, found a couple of those in here.

I also have to say I really love the idea of Kaiba running around in that outfit. I've always to see him in that outfit more. Haha Rudolf.

Again superb job and I can't wait for more. Haha awesome she has a Kaiba poster like in the original.
5/16/2009 c3 Elphaba-The Wicked One
2/26/2009 c3 9Pharaoh'sJewel
:O noo poor mokie

i wonder if this could be part of his grand scheme to get kaiba to change...hmm

i lol'ed at seto's former last name heh

but the scene was sad :(

you've done a good job writing this :D

update soon!
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