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3/31/2007 c2 james chapman
Looking forward to the next chapter
10/29/2006 c2 FlutFlut
Hi Megan, man this story is powering along! You are continuing to set a really good scene with your details and names etc. You really have a certain professional style.

A few mistakes, nothing big:

"initial" as in idea? Well if this is the case it should be 'initiative'.

also... "Seconds pasted" - im guessing you werent going for the whole glue feel, so it must be that you meant 'passed'.

Its great, i love the technical terms such as 'face hugger' and 'chest burster', and the whole slimyness of it all.

10/29/2006 c1 FlutFlut
You know how much i love aliens and their slimyness, and the way you worded the ideas in this part of the story tie in perfectly with the theme. The names in it and the little details are well thought out and completely beleivable - sometimes the names and little backround details dont seem to fit. Well done!

Anyway, just to piss you off im going to include a little critism to even it out.

So this sentence, i noticed, doesnt have the correct grammar structure...

"Far fetched the idea seemed to the other council members, the plan still went ahead"

I think the correct format is:'The idea seemed far - fetched to the other council memebers, however the plan still went ahead.'

Anyway, really good start.

10/29/2006 c2 3NajaMoonshadow
YAy! I am loving it! very well written-keep it coming!
10/20/2006 c2 Jjvalour
Very stupid humans, I cant wait to see what happens.
10/9/2006 c1 Coranth
I really like Alien Fanfics where the Xenos are truly intelligent, and not just the mindless drones we see in the films. What's happening with this story? Are you going to update it again, soon? Please don't abandon it!
9/16/2006 c1 10Yincira
Did you ever read "Aliens : Labyrinth"? It works with a similar concept, a professor who mind-trained a xenomorph (Trixie) by using the frontal area of the brain in a weakened state (in the drone) allowing it to become tame to an amount. A bit of genetic stimulation of various parts of the drone's brain would indeed allow it to develop advanced awareness.

I'm interested into what direction you'll take this story and I quite like seeing a fanfic with both proper grammar and scientific foundation, I'll check back on this :)

I have one thing to remark though : A clone of Professor Jier was to be made for the concubine of a Xenomorph. I think you mean "conception", rather than "concubine"?
9/10/2006 c1 One Horse
Good start, my friend ^.^ Can't wait til ya update
9/10/2006 c1 2Lt Gravemind
Good start.

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