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6/2 c18 Delta
Props for staying this long and writing so much!
4/19 c18 Ghost Man
Awww. Sad times. I understand the sentiment. Same happened to me. How much did you write that I didn't read on Google? Best of luck to you, Kas. Lots of love.
2/24/2020 c2 avidanApostle
Ok, I get that they fucked it up in the script, but you could have fixed it here and you didn’t. Frog uses thou, thee, etc. completely wrong.

• Thou=you when you’re doing something
• Thee=you when you’re having something done to you
• Thy=your/yours when the thing begins with a consonant
• Thine=your/yours when the thing begins with a vowel

Yes I know this story hasn’t been updated in almost two years but it’s a major pet peeve of mine.
4/11/2019 c17 5Captain Bones
This is a good story so far. Please continue. I would like to read the part where Crono, Marle, Lucca and Robo fight the giant skeleton. And what will happen after the giant skeleton is defeated? What would the knight Captain say, when he finds out that Crono and his friends took down the Mystics troops? I hope you will have the answers to all my question in the next chapter. I'm looking forward on reading them.
4/9/2019 c12 Captain Bones
Nice. But Marle's mother didn't die yet. It happens later on. I don;t know when, but I believe it is some time after you bring Crono back to life.
4/9/2019 c11 Captain Bones
Great so far. But what about the part when Crono and friend found the Statue of Magus? And when they fought 3 creatures in the hotel?
9/21/2018 c17 1Shade40
Hi Kasienda,

I feel bad that it's been so long that I reviewed! I fell off my fanfiction wagon and there are a few stories that I just didn't read for quite some time. I'm just getting caught up.

Since I hadn't read your story in a while, I re-read it just to remind myself of where the story is at plot-wise. I also started a new game of Chrono Trigger to follow along and compare the original with your writing. Although I don't remember your initial chapters, I could tell that they seemed better and stronger than what I remembered, so your update in April must have been an improvement.

While playing the game at the same time as reading your story, I was amazed anew at the task you've undertaken. People don't realize until they try to do it how truly difficult it is to change the format of a story from one medium to another, as you're doing. It's not a simple task of transcribing the speech of the characters and describing the scenery on occasion - games and movies and books are entirely different things and they have different needs to make them successful. You really seem to understand and appreciate this fact, and as far as I'm concerned, you're doing a great job. I was impressed again with all of the extra things you've added, the embellishments that allow this story to stand strongly on its own, apart from game canon.

In this particular chapter, you've added the idea that the humans would have a strong fear of Chrono and his companions' magic abilities, which is understandable, considering the history between humans and mystics and the fact that humanity hasn't used magic in current memory. You've also added the idea of necromancy, which isn't in the game at all but seems realistic and adds a great drama and horror to this battle. Action can be hard for some authors, but I felt you did a good job with it. You also touched on the psychological impacts of the battle on the characters, something that video games almost always skip but that's important for a realistic story in book format.

In terms of how slow you are, I'm in the same boat. Let's both not give up on our stories, no matter how long it takes us to write them!

7/26/2018 c17 apples in the rain
All caught up for the moment. :)

Anyways, super pumped about getting into Glenn and Cyrus’s arc and more about the Masamune~ Effectively telling this story arc in other mediums aside from its source is something I wonder about, so I’m very curious about how writers go about it. :D

Especially since this arc’s game story was a red herring, and it looks like you miiight be ditching that in favor of building up Glenn? :O We shall see :D

And getting Frog magic is something I wonder about a fair bit, since in a game, backtracking isn’t much of an issue. But it strikes me as something that could easily disrupt narrative flow. And geez, what if Frog doesn’t want magic? And if time is passing at different rates, and there’s travel time, too, and… yeah.

That, and I distinctly remember sulking as a child about how Frog was sulking and not rejoining the party to deal with his own personal business. Heh.

Ooooh, there’re multiple squires! That does indeed explain that kid’s audacious efficiency.

And speaking of squires, getting us familiar with their job is a sneaky little lead in to Glenn having been Cyrus’s squire. (By the way, I do a delighted little cheer at each new scrap of backstory info. :3) Which really, really has me wondering what in the world happened with him. Since Leene was so concerned with how he’d “already seen enough violence” or something to that affect. But a squire’s still gonna get into situations, even if not necessarily direct battle. So that begs the question: did Cyrus sponsor him to get him out of something terrible?

Which brings me to one of the beauties of fanfic. There’s so much open room to building different iterations of the same character. I love seeing how other people spin things :)

Hail Sir Robo, mysterious golden knight who never removes his armor, rumored to be terribly disfigured. If no explanation is provided, people find their own answer. Bwahahaha

By the way, my inner nerd is pleased with the reasoning behind his sensory overload not working on necro-minions.

Marle burning herself to the ground trying to save people broke my heart :(

Oh, snap, Ozzie can trace magic back to caster. Come to think of it, there’s previous supporting evidence with Melchoir observing the group’s magicalness, and their lack thereof six months before…

Speaking of Ozzie, he brings some interesting ideas to the table - how indeed will magical humans acknowledged as heroes instead of something to cull change human society? Will their present become a world where being a magician is a proper occupation? A skill to be coveted instead of feared and disdained? Or is Ozzie’s first hand experience with exceptional outlier human mages coloring his fears too deeply?

…You know. I can totally see the last one. Completely. Raising Janus would instill deep rooted fear of any magic in human hands. XD And then it really doesn’t help that he’s just had a new trio of human mages personally trained by the god of war thrown at him, lol.

Bridane’s speech about the gods being on their side while Crono’s lightning crashes in the background is epic ;) As is the entire battle that unfolds. Gotta say, it’s a darn good thing the commanding officers got the memo on the magic first so that they could keep their heads, and better yet, play the narrative to it, instead of being surprised. If the commander keeps calm, a decently trained troop should stay relatively level, too. *nods*

And speaking of epic, Crono delivers lots of epic in this chapter. *nods again*

Offhand observation concerning Crono’s bandanna since it’s mostly been narratively mentioned by people who probably wouldn’t know. I actually had a conversation just this past week in which I learned that people into sports don’t just wear those headband things for style, but rather, so that sweat doesn’t run into their eyes. Shows how sporty I am not ;) But now I look at say, Crono’s bandanna with new eyes: less for his hair and more so that he can still see during combat. Ditto on CC Glenn’s bandanna.

…Cue giggling because now I’m picturing a very inane conversation about fashion accessories and combat aids. :3

A typo spotted in this chapter: “even has he barked”

Small critique - it felt like Marle regained her bearings after her first coherent line just a little too fast. Like, she couldn’t talk at all, finally got a word out, and suddenly she spouted out a proper sentence, so I’m scrolling up like did I miss something?

Anyways. I feel like I’m forgetting something that I really wanted to babble about, but I’ve been hanging onto this quite long enough, and well… it is certainly long enough ;)

It’s been a great pleasure reading and reviewing! All the best :)
7/10/2018 c15 apples in the rain
Sooooo, lots of subliminal background trouble with humans in charge who hate mystics too much to even get valid intel in order to more efficiently fight and kill them. (Or am I reading the situation wrong?) Is this a revised idea of why Frog isn’t there anymore? Not just personal disgrace, but animosity for having the form of a monster? And why’d they put up with him at all for so long? But then I look back at that glimpse of Frog in the very first chapter. No wonder he loves Leene…

Dang. I’m impressed with that squire, too. How -did- that kid manage to get someone to the autopsy tent faster than the guy already walking there? XD

And the necromancy. I really hadn’t considered that at all. *blinks* In game, it’s such a nondeal because hey, already fought skeletons when breaking out of jail and saw the apocalypse. No biggy. But to these guys out here fighting for their lives and kingdom, it ought to be a nightmare. And you’ve certainly made it one.

I’m really curious about the Masamune arc oncoming, especially since you’ve already written in a past confrontation with Cyrus vs Magus, and Leene’s research indicating that those who fail the sword spirits’ test go mad.

I’ve been stewing this idea, wondering, what would have happened had Cyrus failed the test and gone mad? The obvious and immediate is Glenn either running or killing Cyrus. And the long term effects of that look downright emotionally devastating :(

(Also probable that Glenn might freeze up and die, too, but that thread doesn’t go anywhere.)
7/10/2018 c14 apples in the rain
The gruffer little imp helping them out with his little line of it "not being about liking it, but about what’s right” is a very heartful moment. And Marle even hugged him! Just dawww. :)

Anyways. Wow. Just… wow. The year 1000 Guardia arc is shaping up to be something awesome! Did not see that coming at all. But seriously, why not do a resistance arc along with modern Guardia’s political upheaval? :D

At first I’d speculated that maybe Crono’s mom was leading the resistance, but it shortly became apparent that she really wasn’t. So now I’m scratching my head, wondering just how badly the mystic infiltration is playing both sides. And still guessing at the Widow. I do wonder if she’s not human. A nonhuman helping humans fight back against mystic vengeance?

Marle talking with her dad felt kind of surreal… Talk about a situation gone way out of hand. I get why they left *nods*

On a totally different arc, this past month as I replayed the game again, the year 600 Guardia soldiers comments about “if only Cyrus were still here” caught my attention and stung rather unexpectedly.

And here you are, fleshing out that pang of "Oh God, they’re still waiting for him." Ten years is a long, long time to go missing.

Couple typos spotted this chapter. Although too much editing is a bane to completion, and I would encourage you to press on instead. Nonetheless, it would be remiss of me to notice and not point them out.

“I amazed he still draws breadth”
There’s also Lucca’s distinctive “purble” hair.
And speaking of which, uh… if we’re talking about distinctive hair, I shall gladly bring up an exceptionally silly tangent. Is Tata the only person in the whole world with black hair? ;)

Bwahahaha, Lucca pushing Crono about his romancing is glorious. Especially bringing up that even Robo noticed XD

Patiently waiting for Lucca to jump on the different rates for passage of time between eras and nerd out. :)

The healing part’s lovely, especially Robo as an overseer. And I wonder now. Will Marle be teaching Frog proper healing magic? :O I could totally see him not needing Spekkio’s help unblocking his magic between being cursed, having carried around enchanted dreamstone for the past decade, and just plain ole having been around a lot of magic…
7/10/2018 c11 apples in the rain
Daww, that opening part with Lucille and her closet is charming. :3 I get a similar general vibe to the old professor in the Narnia series.

Flea’s market, eh? Heh.

“Crono was in the way. He -always- was in the way.” Haha, and this, I presume, is exactly why those two dating didn’t work out in your story? ;)

Can I just give props to Marle? Because she really was the only sane one for their trip to Medina. D8

Well, except for the magical demonstration, but who’d’ve thought that even the city mystics willing to give a human the benefit of doubt would lynch a magical human on principle? Until that happened, I had wondered myself if they might see magic as a sign of being a person. But then again, that’s Zeal, and there’s not much use in recycling the same rhetoric with very different creatures. Heh.
7/9/2018 c10 apples in the rain
Huh. I get the impression that whenever you get Frog in here, he won’t be a frog. And then I wonder what Ayla and Magus will think of this place…

And you tweaked the reason they ended (heh) up here~

Really, really fascinating chapter. I love how Gaspar tells Lucca that she shouldn’t try to understand time from his perspective, and how scandalized she is because she tries to understand everything. And her persistence follows the whole chapter. Fire indeed :3

Marle and Crono and the pulling his colors together is spiffy. And Marle having three selves makes me curious and laugh at the same time. She’s so cute! (They’re all so cute! :D) But I do wonder if that’s an indicator of past lives, masks, collections of character traits, or what have you.

Spekkio’s different forms is spectacularly well done. I remember noting the horse in Crono’s perspective, then a total offhand boar mention in Lucca’s part leapt out of the page at me. Cue scrolling back up to double check Crono again just in case, all the while I’m mentally exploding with exclamation marks. ;) The closing session where it seemed they could perceive Spekkio as one another saw him put the cherry on top.

That each of Spekkio’s sessions mean to heal, grow, teach self control and awareness is really neat, too. They’re not just scrubbing fences, they’re chipping off emotional baggage. They’re not just building physical walls, they’re building tools.

Nods to Robo and Gaspar’s conversations, especially regarding wisdom and magic. I get the distinct impression that Gaspar really doesn’t want Robo to envy his companions, which he may very well be fully capable of.

Haha, how do I think? What a funny question… Interesting, but funny. I shall humor it. ;)

What can I say? I would describe myself as abstract thinker. But I think in ideas. A silly thing to say, because aren’t thoughts ideas?

But I look at this question, “How do you think?” and I see different aspects. There’s ‘thoughts,’ and there’s the way we filter them.

Thoughts are more or less ideas that we catch and decide whether or not to plant. The ones we accept then become our own, take root and grow into little tree-looking things in our brain. Which thoughts we choose to cultivate determines our character. (Deciding not to worry is extremely healthy!)

But the ways we can pick up thoughts, those vary ‘cause we’re all tuned a little different. And sometimes we can catch the same idea at a different frequency or in a different dimension.

Just this week even, I spoke with a friend who will tell anyone plainly that she thinks in pictures and words don’t always make sense. But I look at this and wonder, just pictures? Mostly pictures? What does that look like anyways?

I use pictures to think fairly often. Colors, too. But it’s just that. I like pictures, and I like words, and I use them as tools to communicate what I’m thinking. Often it’s more like a language to me than the raw matter. So when trying to figure out how to communicate, well hey, the end result is gonna be words or a picture, so I might as well use the same language for this. Like this here that I’m typing :) But again, the meaning underneath is more important than the tool.

Perhaps there's irony to be found here because a person who can think in words is best equipped to answer the question. And in some ways, isn't the question itself rigged? Use words to ask, and the response defaults to words. Unless words are not a fluid method of communication for the person, or another form is exceptionally preferred, and because we're all different, so it goes.

Left to my own devices, I use whatever combination of senses that might best suit the nature of the thought. My average day contains a lot of wondering how situations I run into happened, imagining different scenarios. Music, words, visuals, motion, smell, taste, emotions, spiritual presence… they all enter the equation.

Thoughts can come with textures, weight, density. They can be soft, firm or rough. They can move. They can come in many forms all at once. Thoughts can hurt, and thoughts can heal.

Different thoughts can happen at the same time. Who can measure the speed of thought? There’re plenty of ways to think: layers for every dimension.

I see all of these things as languages — paths of communication between who we are and what we choose.

It’s doubly interesting when getting into how different people hear the voice of God. Words, pictures, impressions, motions, smells, they all come up. He speaks our language.

The core of my personhood will always ask, through any language, “What does this mean?” It’s not about understanding everything, or even trying to. It’s just finding stories.
7/8/2018 c9 apples in the rain
Logging in ;)

This entire spin on the future arc speaks in glorious color. As much as I love Chrono Trigger, this particular arc feels a little bland playing through, and you’ve breathed so much life and personal connection into it. It’s really beautiful :)

Offhand note: crossbows shoot bolts, not arrows. Which by now, you might very well be aware of. :P

Ah, Belthasar answered my wonderings about how they would communicate with peoples too many millennia apart for the language to be recognized. There’s a cheat :3

Marle and Lucca have agreed upon their differences :D That’s been kinda fun to follow — they’re both sharp in completely polarized ways, and it feels right for them to clash over everything big to small. Obviously they’ll eventually get to be besties, but it’s the journey there that makes it engaging. So yeah, that pull from hostile to sisterly is something I appreciate a lot.

Something about the driving parts reads a bit stilted — like it’s forcefully choreographed. Lucca getting distracted feels more like “something interesting needs to happen and this is how we’ll do it” and less like Lucca actually losing her focus.

Lucca allowing Robo to pick the topic of conversation is sneakily polite and tactical. :O I can just see her gaging his initiative and trying to wrap her head around how to create that.

Guesses and thoughts about language fun~ :3
Huh. ‘Feré’ sings to me as ‘fairy’ and refers to power in context… That’s a really clever parallel for a world of lost magic! :D And it has me casting back for Mai’s imagined colored hallways.

‘wederen or starvation’
Thirst is intuitive, and that word looks kinda like ‘watering’ if I flip it upside a couple times. Is it? XD

*blinks* This one kinda puzzles me a bit. I’m willing to believe that’s half my lack of electrical knowhow. Batteries? Generators? It looks kiiiiinda like colanders, and that makes some sense if I turn it a bit sideways. Some place to hold or filter gathered electric power works with the context.

Have I mentioned that I love the language stuff? Yes? I really do :D
7/7/2018 c7 Guest
A birth! They brought new life into a dead world :D

And the language stuff is super cool! :3

The secret-word instead of password sings to me in glorious world building song. So we use password, since it’s a word to allow passage, and they use secret-word because it’s meant to be secret ;) I like it. It’s like two different paths to the same destination.

Wrengdhes is wrings? That kinda makes sense with distortion and twisting… less with changes or shifts. Hmm…

Crono and the expecting mother making up their own little pantomime language is an adorable touch, especially for a guy who only spoke with his actions in canon. :3

In any case, you have persuaded me to look up the Great Vowel Shift, and I will happily read any further language history lessons :)
7/7/2018 c6 Guest
Okay, so the thing with Magus raiding libraries is still sticking to me this many chapters later, and it’s seriously giving me a new headcanon. Because now I'm looking at all those sealed boxes in the human villages filled with magical goodies no one can access anymore. Except Magus (or someone with charged dreamstone.) And that’s interesting since it gives him a legit reason to send armies after human villages.

The long stretches of just the three and the rats and the dead, dead world is rather haunting. I really started to wonder if they’d run into any humans, heck, even a mystic, or if only rats and robots lived.

Lucca trying to figure out whether there was one timeline or multiple made me smile. :)
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