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for A Wykkyd Oneshot

12/25/2017 c1 KydWykkyd

Your KW obsessed friend

PS-I'm still reading KW fanfics
4/13/2016 c1 1Teen Kyd
This is an awesome oneshot! I would be so happy if you wrote more of it! :)
4/12/2014 c1 Guest
1/4/2014 c1 15Alexxis T. Swan
Lol that was so fun to read and you did a great job keeping everyone in character! This could have been part of canon! Kudos to you!
7/7/2013 c1 kyd wykkyd
Is this made up or is this a real video? If it's a real video what's the name of it? If it's not a real video, good thinking. One last thing, my name is not Kyd wykkyd,
6/14/2013 c1 1krotoxo
I liked it : ) Really good story!
9/3/2012 c1 No Name
Really Cool!
There should be more -
Kyd Wykkyd and Kid Flash - fanfics. xD
8/3/2012 c1 51fallenangel7
5/27/2010 c1 KydWykyydisAwesome

Jinx's POV

I was walking down the sidewalks of Central City.

It was a nice afternoon,it's a warm afternoon with a slight breeze,barely a cloud in the sky,a pefect time to take a walk.I would make a great weather reporter,wouldn't I?

Soon I past Olive Garden,the usuals,cramed with families, waitors running around,a few couples,Wally with some blond chick,and-WALLY WITH A BLOND CHICK?

I ran inside.

"Rervations?"The woman at the counter said.

"No,I'm here to talk with Kid Flash about..Some important manners."I made it sound like it was Titan business.

"Oh,come right in."

I found Wally's table.I was only a few feet away.

"So when are you going to dump that Jinx-chick?"The blond asked.

"Tonight,when I get home."Kid Flash said,cheerfully.

"Wally?.."She said,nervously.


"I-Isn't th-that Jinx,be-behind you?"

Wally turned around.


I ran up to him and punched him right in the nose,making it brake with a crack,blood streamed out his nostils.

"Owwww-owww!OW."He whined.

I stormed out of the place.

Chapter 1 HIVE

It's been a few weeks since I've seen Wally and I'm not much of a Titan now,I don't stop villians,I don't have my comunicater,and I'm not Jinx anymore as far as I know.

I'm wearing a white Tshirt,blue jeans,black sneakers,and my hair is in two ponytails,not horn ponies.I'm sitting on the stairs of the remands of HIVE,my arms around my shins,my chin

resting on my knees,and I'm crying.

I heard Wally lost to the Private Hive,Plasmas,and Control Freak.

He'a pathetic,losing to Control Freak.

I'm crying 'cause I'm weak as ever.

I have no home,no food,no friends,and this is the only outfit I

have left.I'm cold,unemployed,hungry,homeless..And I might have a minor cold.

I heard foot steps,I looked around,nothing.

Someone put their hand on my shoulder,it's gloved.

Kid Flash.

He kneeled down and hugged me,he's wearing a gray long sleeved

shirt,his gloves are black,and his pants are dark gray.This isn't Kid Flash.

I looked at him,my eyes met red ones.

"Kyd Wykyyd.."I said weakly.

He nodded.

'I missed you.'

I almost forgot he uses telepathy.


'You are my friend,Jinx.Even though you're a Titan.'

"I'm not much of a Titan anymore.."

'Why are you here?'

"I don't have anywhere else to go."

'You can stay with me.'

"At the HIVE Five HQ?"

'No..The Five separated..I live in an apartment.'

"Oh...Well,somewhere to stay would be nice."

'Alright,well we should go now it's about to rain.'



"You're still hugging me."


He let me go.I got up and stumbled.

Chapter 2

I didn't think Kyd Wykyyd could aford such a nice apartment.

Two beds,a flatscreen TV with over 9000 channels,two bathrooms,

and a kitchen,yes,A KITCHEN!Oven,fridge,counters,the whole thing!

"Do you share with anyone?"I asked.

'I used to share it with Angel,but..'


'Well,you can have the bed on the right and the bathroom on the same side is all yours.'

Lightning(it might be the Titan having his fun)boomed out side.

'Well,I better be going to bed.'

"You have a job?"

'Yeah,I'm a delievery boy,I'll deliever in 30 minutes or less, or it's free.And I'm never late,I've gotten 40 raises this year.'

"How much are you paid?"

'200 dollars a week,not counting my tips.'


'And this apartment is freaking expesive!$600 a month!'

"Yeah,you should go to bed then."


He jogged to the drawers next to his bed and pulled out what I

believe is his uniform,white tshirt with a red and blue eagle on the chest,and blue jeans.

He grabbed the sides of his shirt and pulled it over his head.

Then,he grabbed his pants(witch sounds wierd),and usually I would look away when it was Wally but I watched him pull them down too,and to my relief he wears boxers.

'What?You act like you've never seen boxers before.'

I blinked and just slipped under the covers.

I fell asleep instantly.

Chapter 3(It's a dream)

I was sitting on my bed,alone,watching TV.The door opened.Kyd Wykyyd walked in,he probably had a hard day.

'I need to relax.'

I smirked evilly and got up.

"I know a way you can relax."I said.


I grabbed his arm and tossed him on my bed.

'Wait,what are you?'

I sat my knees at his sides.

"Helping you relax."

I pushed him on his back and laid on top of him.

"Now just breathe,and you'll be relaxed in no time."

I pressed my lips against his.

Kyd Wykyyd pushed me off.

He wanked his shirt over his head and pulled his pants down.

I did the same and he got on top of me.

He started thrusting.

Then loud beeping woke me up.

Chapter 4

I sat up in my bed.

"Goooood Moorning,America!Today's weather is a 40% chance of rain,and a 60% chance of thunder.Back to you Bill."

'I hate that guy,he always starts his weather chast with loud beeping.'

"I know,I hate him,too."

'Mostly because he interupted the best dream I ever had in weeks.'I thought.

'What was it about?'

Crap,I forgot he can read minds.

"I was the richest woman in the world and there was world peace."I made a cute smile.


He snickered.

'Well I had a wierd dream where I was..Never mind.'


'I waz having ex wid you.'

"Oh.."I blushed.

'I've never done it.'

"Done what?"


"Oh..Well,neither have I..Robin and Starfire have,they're expecting a son is two months."


"So have Kole and Lightning,they're expecting a daughter in three months."


"And so have Beast Boy and Terra,but it was protected."



'Enough!Please.I'll end up raping you if you say anymore.'

"So have Jericho and Raven,but it was protected,too."

'Ack!Do you WANT me to rpae you?'

"No,I just know you won't."

And with that Kyd Wykyyd got into his uniform and stormed out.

I turned the TV off and tried to sleep.

Chapter 5(This is a dream)

Kyd Wykyyd was thursting on top of me.

I grabbed his boxers and yanked them down.

He followed and pulled my panties off.

He continued thursting.

I flinched.

"You relaxed yet?"

No answer.

He picked up his pace.

I sighed cooningly.

He pressed his lips against mine.

I licked his bottom lip,asking for entry.

He openhis mouth to let me ventuor inside.

We parted for much need air,but he didn't stop thursting.

"Wykyyd."I moaned.


He danced his lips across my neck.

I moaned.

'Jinx..Jinx,wake up.'

Chapter 6
1/14/2010 c1 33Consuelo Higdon
Ah, a polite, friendly and mute villain is such a refreshing concept :3 I love this.
2/14/2009 c1 14lifeisawesome
Somehow, I get the feeling Wally would have made sure to Kyd Wykkyd that he lied. About Jinx being cute.
4/12/2008 c1 15Pseudonym Jareth
you should think of making a sequel.
4/3/2008 c1 36Little Miss Juliet

...Before me! XD Oh well. First come, first serve!

Anyway, GREAT job. I never gave much thought to Kyd Wykkyd beore. I love it! ^^
3/26/2008 c1 6Wassermagierin
Firstly, I want to say that I can't believe that I favourited this Fanfic such a long time ago and haven't reviewed yet. Sorry.

You know, this One-shot represents Kyd Wykkyd exactly how I've always imagined him:

-he's called Elliot (that name fits him SO well)

-he isn't your typical bad guy (their headmaster despaired over him, he can't glare evilly, can't help being polite to everyone)

-he doesn't have anything against a good prank once in a while.

-seems as if he wouldn't hurt a fly

I love it! And Kid Flash was very funny!
3/16/2008 c1 18kerricarri
Kyd is so cool! He has personality! He has character! ...He's even friends with Kid Flash! Gah, he's adorable here...and I love his little idiosyncrasies, like staying out in the wee hours of the morning to...graffiti paint! And his hand motions are so cute. I find it a little bizzare that Billy's the one patching up Kyd and not the other way around in that "Whoa...really?" kind of way. I made Kyd too serious in my fic so this oneshot was so refreshing to me, hehe..._

Oho...and what's this? Robin actually had the nerve to use Kid Flash as a spy? No wonder Kid's so irritated. He'd just been screwing around with the Hive Five before because it was fun and since he liked to mess with Jinx-not because he wanted to spy on them! I was a little bit putout that Kid Flash thought Kyd was Private Hive (where did that kid go canonically, anyway?) but because of that misunderstanding, seeing Kyd's mute gesturing was really funny. Or was that all thing just a blip on your part? I wasn't exactly sure what the Private Hive thing was all about, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. I wish Kid Flash could have clarified a bit on that because after Kyd showed his name, Kid Flash burst into laughter but afterwards you said he didn't know why he was laughing.

But anyways, I still like this fic. It's a great prequel to Episode 60. I just want to glomp Kyd Wykkyd! He's so adorable...but not much friendship thing going on between Kyd/Kid, but the last line justified it.
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