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7/8/2007 c1 6Seer of Terana
:D Your good aura surrounded me as soon as I saw your profile. And now that I've read one of your stories, I can feel it entering my soul and bonding. You've probably never had anyone speak to you like this, so I apologize if I creeped you out. Domo sumimasen!

You are such a good author! You clearly have the Goddess' favor. A, kawaii desu ne! Tsuzuki/Hisoka is the epitome of adorableness, and you did it justice! My respect for you as an author can only grow!

9/18/2006 c1 8Tamababymiko-chan
Hello, this is Tamababymiko-chan, and I am here to review. Yay. This made me happy. I liked the fear that came to Hisoka when he realized that there was only one bed. This is a good story. It didn't flow as well as it could of, but this was awesome.

9/17/2006 c1 AnimeAngelRin
*sigh* and just last night i hand wrote a TsuSoka story to be typed and posted today, but someone beat me to it -_-. XD well, it was cute and a good story (save for a few grammer errors that made it flow weird- and it wasnt like one or two, there were quite a few.) and i loved it ^_^ good job!


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