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5/16 c5 18angel1983
Speedle does not say Rickster... He can't say Rickster. Speed's too cool for that

Seriously though absolutely hilarious. I'm trying not to LOL at one in the morning. Loved this
8/20/2012 c1 ChildOfTheMoon
Haha please make Speed talk about the other characters like that too!
Perhaps starting with Calleigh ,maybe her relationship with Delko? Or the fact that she dated a sniper dude ?Or that one of her boyfriends shot himself in the head ? Maybe he can talk about her ant phobia or something .Or you know the time her car was rammed into a lake ,or when the crime scene she was working on was set on fire and she was hospitalised .Or you could use the fact that her parents had a shot gun wedding and her dads an alcoholic .

Just a few suggestions just please write another !
7/13/2009 c5 8hopeisabluebird
Wow. This is one of the best Miami stories I've ever read. I've only just begun to get into Miami, and what surprised me about the series was how complicated (and angsty) the plot was compared to CSI and CSI: NY. Speed detailing of just Horatio's life in the past few seasons makes me think that the writers need to write a quiet season for once. :o) I think I would be in the nuthouse (courtyard view) by now if I was H.
11/20/2008 c4 48LadyLorena
apparently i've already reviewed this at the end, but i forgot to ask in my comment previous if you were planning on expanding this to include the latest 'oh drama!' of the caine family. it would be lovely to see speedle press-ganged into a sequel narration.
11/20/2008 c1 LadyLorena
i just spent something like fifteen minutes trying to dig through posts to find this story because i had forgotten to add it to my favourites when i first ran across it months ago.

i love it, it captures character wonderfully, and you're right, they ALL need massive therapy...especially after this last season!
5/1/2008 c5 LadyLorena
as a die-hard fan of csi:miami and of horatio, specifically, this is 100% perfect. seriously, that family needs more therapy than miami could give them. you captured speedle's scarcasm wonderfully and your take on the situations horatio dealt with through the knife fight was perfect. i liked how you kept the heaven aspect toned down, but still your descriptions from his first-hand experience gave your readers enough to form their own picture of what speedle's heaven was like without getting overbearing or preachy. good job handling a sometimes difficult setting.

loved the humour, good characterisation, great description, and just a fun read!
6/10/2007 c5 Once Upon A Twilight
OH. EM. GEE. that was HILARIOUS! i don't evenn know where to start. this was extremely original and well-written, and i loved all the sarcastic comments although apparently the angels didn't. =] if i may just pull one of my favorite excerpts: "I got shot and I died and it sucked." LOL!
3/9/2007 c5 102Illxmination
I just read this whle thing front to back, and I have to say... OMG, that was so funny! I never really watched season one and two with him, but from what I HAVE seen, I'd say you captured him perfectly! Go you!
1/11/2007 c2 9Choco.Sushi.Nut
Fine. I GOT KILLED. Are you happy? H and I went into the damn jewelry store, and my gun misfired, and I got shot and I died and it sucked.

HAHA.. aww.. R.I.P. speed.. LOL.. this is rele cute and funny
1/11/2007 c1 Choco.Sushi.Nut
aww.. so cute! XDD .. LOL.. rele adorable!

12/7/2006 c3 4Insanity Lord
Lol...this is funny. Unfortunately, I can't read past this chapter because I haven't seen past the episodes mentioned here, thus I would spoil one of my favourite shows for myself.

But I'll be reading more of it once I see more of the show ^_^

- Insanity Lord.
11/29/2006 c5 31Fawn Hickory
Okay, I finished reading it...


Love the form, and, you know, I have only one complaint: Horatio isn't in the stories as much anympre, it seems,

Oh well.
11/29/2006 c1 1GeishaCat
Whoo Hoo! Finally, somebody's tellin it the way it is - that it's Speed is just too sweet for words.

Don't get me wrong, H totally rocks the whole angst-ridden/wounded soul thing to the max - but the guy's wound so tight he's ready to snap. At least you see Munsch on L&O: SVU kicking doors etc. to release tension.

Hmm, somebody needs to visit the firing range more often .

Anyway, rolling on the floor with laughter. Please give us more from Speed, I miss him.
11/28/2006 c5 TellTaleRaven
Hey! This story was incredibly funny! Can't you write another in that style? Or have you already written/read any of this kind? Please tell me, I love to read those!

Bye, Ricky.
11/20/2006 c3 31Fawn Hickory
I don't have time right now to finbish reading this, but I am in love so far!

The titale is freat, and you know what, I think the whole family could use a few monthes in a padded room, possibnly in strait jackets (and I could use a few hours in a padded room w/ H in a strait jacket... *mentally shaking myself*...) Anyway, I can't wait to finish it!
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