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10/7/2015 c1 32Italy's Driving
*stared *shock *nobody *disappeared *kept *nowhere *knew *see *in front *forced *from *screaming *clothes *into *stared *castle *sight *boarding *directions *group *seemed *empty
1/20/2015 c9 3wittyusernames
I like the plot but your spelling is awful!
1/18/2015 c2 wittyusernames
1/18/2015 c1 wittyusernames
Good job except a bunch of spelling mistakes!
5/25/2012 c2 7Rebarbative
Haha. I love this idea, but I cant get over the spelling mistake: He heard a woman creaming. It is in there twice so far. Pm if ya want a beta

10/28/2009 c12 3VampirePrince4ever
i like this story...will there be a sequel?
11/1/2008 c7 d-active-ated
It's spelled Whomping Willow if you were wondering
9/21/2008 c3 Hi there
Your storyline is interesting, but I really suggest using spell/grammar check, or get a beta. It would really make the story a lot easier to read.
8/16/2008 c12 39Ronnie R15
Nice story you should make a sequal.
7/4/2007 c7 1Fanaticastro Obsessive
it is whomping willow

u only missed the h
7/4/2007 c6 Fanaticastro Obsessive
the plural is weeks and shouldent it be every two weeks
7/4/2007 c4 Fanaticastro Obsessive
whats homewort?
7/4/2007 c2 Fanaticastro Obsessive
i love ur story there r a few spelling mistakes but who care? i dont write more stories pleaz
3/5/2007 c11 11Elevanya
update soon
3/4/2007 c2 DevMndBRT
Pretty good so far, the only thing is that there are a lot of spelling errors. Otherwise, awsome story! I'll keep reading!
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