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for Love and Pain

10/9/2006 c7 2MadMutant
I'm really enjoying this story and hope you update again soon
10/8/2006 c7 3Sarah Nobili
Hi. how are you?

Hey i really like it...

Is very very good

I love the fic about mutant X...

And i love bren/shal. Brennan is do hot...

well bye...

Kiss... Susi
10/8/2006 c6 Mutty X
Awesome story, I love the plot. Great work with the characters they seem pretty real. Update soon I'm dying to read more.
10/6/2006 c6 34Tiana-P
OMG! I feel so soz for both Brennan and Shalimar!

When is he gonna tell her?

Update sooner!

x Tiana
10/6/2006 c5 Kaley
cool story!

i love brennan and shalimar as a couple they are just so cute together, i hope jesse and lexa get together they deserve some happiness!

update soon and keep up the good work!
9/28/2006 c4 2slidershal
WKD chappie! Can't belive Brennan has only two weeks!

Update real soon!
9/27/2006 c4 16Rickkatefan
Thats awesome! Love it! Cant wait for more! Hope Lex is going to feel better! Update soon and keep up the good work!
9/27/2006 c3 2slidershal
HAHA! That was funny! But now i wnana kow how the meet goes and what's gonna happen!

please update asap
9/24/2006 c2 2MadMutant
This is really good. I hope you update again soon
9/23/2006 c2 2slidershal

I cant wait to see what happens next!

Update quicker this time plese
9/18/2006 c1 2MadMutant
Wow that was a really good start I hope you update soon!
9/18/2006 c1 34Tiana-P

That was really good!

Im gonna stick with this and ur other story throughout lol... but u better update fast! I need my B/S dose daily lol!

x Tiana
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