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3/7/2011 c6 1KitsuneDango
i love this story plzz write more
12/10/2010 c6 18Tango Dancer
Sounds good! Please keep writing!
11/28/2010 c6 2DDwelling
yay he can talk. was waiting for that.

update soon
6/14/2010 c6 randy13
i really hope you continue with this story
4/27/2010 c1 smiley12cool
Wow, it sounds like a really good story.!
12/14/2009 c6 1saya.sen
oh, interesting... I like the Harry you've created here.
11/8/2009 c6 6Tuuna
Hm... interesting :D I hope that you'll update, although that's pretty unlikely :(
8/2/2009 c6 6Niwaki
I liked this please continue soon^^
4/15/2009 c6 2Ilamay
A really interesting story. I like it. Thanks for writing it. Hope you update soon. :)
1/19/2009 c6 58Rice-Ball247
was it something like a brotherhood-gone-wrong? Perhaps they were all close at one point but then it all went to rot. Dear me poor Harry. I like your Draco btw
1/19/2009 c3 Rice-Ball247
so others know about Harry already. This will most definitely be interesting! Now I'm curious as how he ended up in a 6 year coma (aren't we all?) please update soon
1/19/2009 c2 Rice-Ball247
whoa yes this story is definitely getting better with every chapter! I'm really enjoying this so far
1/19/2009 c1 Rice-Ball247
heehee. Patrice! That's my name xD

This is sounding like a good story so I'm looking forward to more. I wonder if Harry still looks like a kid... Well there's only one way to find out!
10/29/2008 c6 1Jackanapes

I love the story and can't wait for more.

I hope you update soon.

Umm... I like Draco and dislike all of the adults, but can't wait to see all of the awkward moments Harry goes through.

Thanks for writing this,

9/17/2008 c6 CrayonsPink
I love this story, it is excellent! Please, update soon!
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