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1/22/2008 c1 Momochuu
oh my, very interesting!
1/13/2008 c6 starlinger
Um... Well, the plot is very fascinating and I'd very much like to read more, but there is this thing called 'sense of reality'. I mean, come on, a lad has been in a coma for several years and when he wakes up, he gets two weeks and then goes straight back to school? I'm sorry, but I find it very surreal. No, I'm no expert of this, but the common sense already says it's just impossible. Otherwise, a nice story you have there.
12/10/2007 c6 2NiteMar21
awesome story. please update soon, love reading H/D and i think yours is very very good. please update soon

thank you

12/1/2007 c6 1Angel Kellar
Oh, man! That's good. I was so into it, I went to press the button to go to the next chapter, and it wasn't there! Please update real soon!
10/21/2007 c6 Merrymow
I was wondering when you're going to update?
10/13/2007 c6 1Anonymous Sister of the Author
Ooh! A mystery!

9/23/2007 c2 Winstoneth
Unrealistic. Harry would have needed much more than a week of physical therapy to regain his muscles. He was immobile for six years. His muscles would be almost nonexistant. And it would be unwise to set him out into the world so early; he would be confused and disoriented. And he would not be ready to just jump back into school. He missed six years of education and being around so many people would probably scare him.

And your grammar is just atrocious. How did this story get so many reviews? And all of them praise? I don't understand what people call a "good" story these days, but apparently this is a prime example. How sad.

I do like some of your characterization though. Draco is off, and Ron seems a little weird. Blaise seems interesting while Hermione is almost on the point of boring, but that's pretty much how she was in the books, so it fits.

what else can I say? Just keep writing It's the only way you'll ever get any better.
9/20/2007 c6 21Mana Midnight

and yes, i do like caps.
9/2/2007 c6 2Redallover
Oh I really like this story. Youre doing a great job! Im so interested and curious about whats going to happen. :]
8/30/2007 c1 FBT
I laugh. I really do. There is always at least one person who responds to my flames in a review; it's quite funny really they take up all that space ranting at me when they could be offering an actual review themselves. So I thought I'd check to see if it was true for this story...guess what, it was! It's my lucky day.

Sigh. I just came back from a very long out of town drive and I'm not in a very good mood, but I'll try to be civil.

Dearest broodyleytons:

It's obvious you people do NOT read the RULES...gasp, that's right RULES, on this site before joining. You cannot just simply write whatever you want. It is in fact against the rules (there's that word again) to post a story with such obvious grammatical errors. Try to understand that darling. I was kind enough to this author by not reporting her. I guess I'm having one of those "nice" days.

I never once said I didn't like slash. I do like slash; but I like *good* slash. Not drivel that is often spouted out from teenaged girls with no concept of gay sex whatsoever. I myself being a homosexual male find this somewhat insulting. So, to answer your question: I do like slash, I do read it, and I in fact write it as well.

No I won't "shut the hell up" because I have the right to say whatever I want on a story posted on a public site. Get over it hun. I left these reviews anonymous so the author could easily delete them. Oh there goes me being nice again!

I'm glad people like me get people like you so worked up. That's our goal you know? You're just feeding us. Good job.

I feel special getting a whole message dedicated to me. Thank you ever so much! Hope to hear more from you soon. It's ever so fun!

Sincerely FBT
8/29/2007 c3 45broodyleytons
um so i think FBT is a bit lost.

this is called a fnfiction site. it is fiction. so unless it is a writing agency for a magazine or newspaper...there are no rules to who or what you write about. try to understand that.

if you dont like slash..why the hell did you read it?

i think you are the one that is dumb.

so why dont you just shut the hell up okay?

it is called contructive critcism not flaming or bashing.

god people like you piss people like me off.


that whole message was for the retard below me.

other than that...amazing chapter abbz. love ya!
8/28/2007 c3 FBT
Oh look another mundane, cliche story slugging its way onto this god awful site. I don't know what story your readers are reading, but it must not be the same one as me because this is just awful. The characters have been mutilated beyond belief, the plot-line is stupid and you seem to not be able to grasp basic grammar. You seem about as intelligent as a seven year old.

Oh and of course it's 'slash'. Why is it that every awful story I come across on this site is almost if not always slash? Why can't any of the writers on this site realize that they are just not good? No one here seems to care about what crap they post on this site as long as they get to. Please, for the love of God, if you're going to post something for the whole world to see, why don't you have the decency to make it something good huh?

Did I hurt your feelings? I'm sorry that I didn't offer a moronic, brainless review like the rest of your idiotic readers. I guess that makes me an awful, mean flamer doesn't it? Who cares. I'm tired of trying to be polite. No one on this site responds to polite anymore; at least I get a reaction with flaming.

Please get a beta and if you already have one, get a better one because the one you have now is as dumb as you are.

I left my email so you may reply if you want.

Sincerely FBT
8/15/2007 c6 Jennieb89
thanks for continuing :)

have a good time at camp :)

please continue soon :)

8/7/2007 c6 1SweetDreamsMalfoy
ah... ^_^

i love this story.. please update.. :)
8/3/2007 c6 1TheRedSeaWitch88
i like this story so far. i love a good mystery and that is exactly what is going on. I do have one question though: are you going to update on Keep Holoding On any time soon? I really loved Double Looks and liked the first chapter to Keep Holding On and would love to see an update on it. Well anyways hope you update soon on this and Keep Holding On. Ja ne ^_^
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