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for Eye of the Beholder

7/10/2019 c2 LadyPorterfield
Judging by the date you published this story I’m sure you don’t read these anymore but I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy this story and it’s really well written. I agree that Logan was definitely probably not okay after having to kill Jean and likely struggle for a while.
I read this story a long time ago and came back looking for it gain because I liked it so much.
1/24/2017 c10 Kayla-wa
Golly, I love me some Nightcrawler! I think you capture his voice very well. Don't think I mentioned it yet, but I actually enjoy how (painfully) long it takes for the two MCs to meet in this fic. It fleshes them out, shows readers who they each are. Their strengths, weaknesses, where they stand in life. They're both mostly content but both feel that missingness that a lover can provide. Amanda struggles with how her family mistreats her, Hank struggles with his own self and his mistakes. Constantly aware. Anyway, loved this chapter. Poor Serena Stupid Logan!
1/23/2017 c4 Kayla-wa
I find it kind of odd Serena doesn't already know Logan's powers? I feel like people would know the most popular mutants abilities. I see what you we're trying to do here in this chapter though so I don't really mind.
1/23/2017 c3 Kayla-wa
Mmm, yeah, I actually like that Amanda just gets over it. She knows they're both shitty people and it would be a waste of breath to react in any other way.

The twinkie thing in this fic is so unique (and hilarious) and then having it as a source of angst later is just... Wow. I love your mind!
1/23/2017 c2 Kayla-wa
Seeing Logan like this really tugs at my heartstrings but I think you're right. He can't just walk away from losing two people mentally unscathed. Plus he's normally an asshole anyway.

I wanna mention that I really like the MC's name. I can really, clearly hear Hank say "Amanda" and I don't cringe at the common name since he makes it sound other worldly. Gah, his voice
1/23/2017 c1 Kayla-wa
I know this series is finished but since this is my second time reading it (yup, I love this fic!) I thought I'd take the time to pepper in some reviews here and there.

Short review this time; I really love how you opened up this story with a side character. It also sets up how the MC views mutants without outright saying whether or not she supports them.
8/19/2016 c79 1DreamBubbles
Whoa, this was by far the BEST Hank oc story I have ever read. The ideas and the story in total was awesome and I thank you for it!
8/8/2015 c79 12BabblesoftheInsane
This story was damn near impossible to put down. Loved it from the very beginning. Wonderfully writing. There were a few mishaps but I ant complaining. I smiled cried and got angry all around it. Great job.

6/21/2015 c24 3Michi-Dae
Ok. I don't hate Serena (Selena?!) Anymore! And I luv Hank and Amanda. They're a beautiful couple.
6/21/2015 c10 Michi-Dae
Serena is so annoying, she's ungrateful and acts like a kid half her age, I really dislike people like her, especially since she hates Rogue and I'm all for our dear stripes.
4/16/2015 c79 3Natsuko457
WHAAAA! WHERE THE REST OF IT?! sorry for the caps but I is frustrated just little...

great story! I absolutely fell in love! .. but the whole bit with magneto never really came to fruition... maybe it will be in sequel?
1/30/2015 c1 samanthatm
12/16/2014 c74 just me 5000
Lovely ending. Well written and well thought out. Made me glad i do not have a sister though. I look forward to the sequel.
8/13/2014 c29 17AcaciaDawn105
I know that the peeps with fire, invisibility, stretchiness, and orange rock skin are the fantastic four, and I'm pretty sure that the other guy who turned silver was Silver Surfer...
8/4/2014 c29 2Moonstar66
Fairly certain I noticed the Fantastic 4, but I can't remember the name of the guy who gets silvery.
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