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5/26/2008 c1 MadeOfAwsome

It's so cute! I love the Li siblings!
4/12/2007 c1 1Tank
I'm guessing it would be Komurin 0 (both what he is making, and the companion in his story). ^^;
11/17/2006 c1 Soichiro
[laughs] komui is the best! nice fic with the frog and aquatic doom for all froggy's!
10/4/2006 c1 kittendeer
Aww...Li sibling waff! So adorable. Komui's such a nice -abet a bit obsessive- brother. 'Froggy quest'- yep, I really can envision him doing that while Rinali watches on.
9/21/2006 c1 Sam
Cute! Loved Komui threatening frogs, and the image of him in the kitchen is...slightly frightening? :D;;

"Inwardly, Linali knew her brother would have at least been a fine cook with his attention to detail if he wasn’t so inclined towards experimenting. Similarly, they would have lived a life of greater comfort if Komui stuck to practical inventions as opposed to the mad creations he so often spawned. But Linali did not mind, she was happy as long as she had her brother, even if some of his contraptions turned out to be a handful."

^ I really liked this passage. It sums up both of their characters, and their relationship, very well.
9/19/2006 c1 8Firebreathing Ghost
Good story. I like how the princess and the keeper is sort of symbolizes Lenalee and Komui. And the frog scene = very cute. Please update soon!

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