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7/14/2008 c4 24Vanechka
ahh!nice story! love MattLeila!

but you're going to do MattJacklein? aww...

never mind, i'll continue reading!
3/16/2007 c4 22phantasiagirl
ZOMG you have to update! This is the first MatthewOC fic (while I still support MatthewLeila) I've seen and while it needs a few touch-ups, it's still pretty well/written! I honestly hope that you will update soon, I really don't want to see another good fanfiction left unfinished.
11/7/2006 c1 TodgeWatherly
i really like what you have here. the flashback especially was really nice and love the sort of keep you on your toes style of writing you have. thanks for reading my fic and i shall contnue reading yours. (btw, mind reviewing my revised fic?)
10/23/2006 c4 10keaira19
Wow, so sorry I wasn't able to review sooner! Bad keaira19! :) I luv the ending...nice cliffhanger! This chapter was really good, all bittersweet and cute and stuff! I noticed some errors (some that we've went over!)...

"He hastily started to chant up a thunder spell; but he peered up to find his fellow comrade in arms." There should be a comma there, not a semi-colon. It's no big deal, but it's been repeated. Just thought I'd point that out to you!

Lovely chapter, update soon!

keaira19 :P
10/1/2006 c3 The Serene Shiskabob
I LOVE THIS STORY! I adore the MatthewxLeila pairing, but you don't see many of those fanfics here. This is a great joy to read. Thank you so much for making my day. Please contine I look forward to reading more.


The Serene Shiskabob
9/28/2006 c3 4JSB
Very Nice, very nice indeed...I really don't have anything to coment on. Loved the descriptive language that you used throughout the three chapters, I lack when it comes to that. Keep up the great work, don't worry about the Mary Sue thing, she hasn't become one yet, but you shouldn't have pointed out her name yet.
9/26/2006 c3 10keaira19
Hah! You know I luv the flashback! Update soon!

keaira19 :P
9/23/2006 c2 keaira19
Forgot to mention, luv the title! Better than the first one, we can agree, yes?

There were some tenses that got messed up...around Jacklein's POV. It should be 'isn't' instead of 'wasn't'. She's talking of the present, not of the past. Minor mistake.

Can't wait to see this progress!

keaira19 :P
9/23/2006 c1 keaira19
YAY! You posted! I'm so sorry that this review is way overdue-time was tight! :)

You changed parts of the story, I like it! There are some mistakes you didn't catch though...but they're miniscule.

Like I said though, I like the premise and I'm going to read the next chapter right after this!

keaira19 :P

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