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1/27/2007 c1 8Foxxy Mcgee
9/30/2006 c1 17m00shrum
Whoa, you really changed a lot of the beginning and end of this. I love the little part you threw in about Rowen-it really gave a sense of how lost he was, even back when they had a purpose, and suggests that Rowen had always felt their detachment, even back when the Ronin narrating the story hadn't been aware of it. That really explains why the narrator is talking about Rowen specifically.

Also: "I should have kept in touch with them. I should have kept in touch with him." That was a VERY nice addition. Like your other line about people talking and laughing (the one I mentioned in my email before), it really draws me into the narrator's mind. Great job with this! I hope you decide to write more Ronin fanfics in the future! :)

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