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for Clown Wars

8/20/2009 c1 Riya4393
lol i like the ending. pretty funny. k
8/24/2007 c2 5Flint-Flareon
Haha, you weren't kidding when you told me it was crazy dude, But howd you get in there?
8/24/2007 c2 Brinkofinsanity
Haha, this story made me laugh so hard! But wheres Sonar? does he leave after the Poke Vacation story?
4/9/2007 c1 13Morbane
Huh. A useful narrator meta-intervention. Good work, uh, mm. Was kinda out of my depths at the beginning of this crazy-fic, but managed to hang on. I think. I liked the Nia/Swift "conversation". Pikachu really has anger issues. It's good that someone finally admitted that.
1/15/2007 c1 15Matt and T.K
what kind of poke's are they all?-Matt
10/15/2006 c1 6Captain Wolf
"World Domination!"

Sorry, I really needed to say that. So funny! Goodbye clowns, the evil things you are! **Pulls out another machine gun and laughs maniacly**

I like the series idea. I think I might do that with my story, Torn Future. (As long as you don't think of it as copying or anything).
9/26/2006 c1 1Xazian
Pretty good. just dont overreact. damn funny story.

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