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1/18/2020 c11 1ChiDead
Only wish there is more
3/19/2018 c11 Faberritan
New chapher
10/15/2017 c11 9Corey B. Carter
Damn! This is a good story! Literally- I would love for you to continue and will wait for the next chapter...cause it's bloody worth waiting for! Thanks for the Chapters so far though, I'd live to see Snape's Hard Shell crack under the name of his daughter-from-another-world!
12/11/2015 c2 Noah
It's just auror not aurora
10/26/2015 c11 wtf
James and Sirius get off scot free? Throwing out crucios like they're goin' out of style and they're who Harry chooses to support? WHY?!
3/30/2015 c11 Guest
Dumbledore bashing starts here again... like in 95 % of all Harry Potter Fanfictions it seems there MUST be Ron and Dumbledore bashing... even if this story continues one day I will not read more... everything else is good, not the best or even very good but good enough.

1/26/2013 c11 Mashkai30
Lovely story! I like it thus far and am looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing!
1/5/2013 c11 1Mookeypoop
Nooooooooooooooooo I want m more
7/22/2012 c1 fddfgdfg
so im sure this story is probably amazing but i shall unfortunately be unable to proceed with reading it due to the long winded writing style you have adopted.

Irritated fan.
P.S when you put a humor as a story's genre, people DO generally expect some form of comedy...
1/11/2012 c3 Notableword
Interesting premise horribly executed.

The overall story is interesting, however the grammar and characterizations makes it unreadable. this is the type of story that needs a BETA that can proofread the chapters and maybe help you by offering suggestions on how to improve the story.

This is quite sad since I actually like these types of stories.
11/19/2011 c11 2mangagirl18
Wow this is pretty cool. I may be a fan of cannon, but this is certainly an interresting twist on things.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

I loved your portrayal of Ginny and Luna in this Deimension, the whole part with them bribing Mrs. Norris was absoloutely brilliant! and I like how they befriended Hermione.

Jezebell is a bitch and I look forward to the day when everyone realizes that.

Critique wise, your grammar and spelling could use some work, but practice makes perfect.

Either way I look forward to the next update.
10/8/2011 c11 Ai-chan
Aww, over two years since the last update! I hope you havn't discontinued this! I find it very interresting, though you might want to work on grammer. I love the bit with Mrs. Norris accepting bribes and I I also love your description of Ginny and Luna! Awesome!

I hope to see an update soon!

Have a great dsy. ^^
1/22/2011 c11 wei-boy79
this latest chapter was making me on the tip of my seat, brilliant cliff hanger, love the powerful harry, and how he does things. I hope you keep up the good work. till next time! ^~^
10/20/2010 c11 4SimFlyer
Crap! I hate reading awesome stories then realizing that they have not been updated for a year...Come on.
8/7/2010 c1 randomuser69
Auroro? A death eater before 10? And all this pointless torture? Why?

Seriously, wtf, mate?
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