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12/30/2006 c5 5formerflautist
This is good story but you need a beta. There are spelling errors. And you don't seem to know how to write dialogue. When someone is speaking you have to use quotation marks and the beginning and end of a dialogue.
12/23/2006 c5 2Varya
Nice work, keep it up.

LucasĀ“ POV? ThatĀ“s gonna be intreating!
12/14/2006 c4 4quirkynerd
I love the new chapter! It's awesome, and I love your writing style, please update soon!
12/13/2006 c4 Bea
I like this, but the spelling's pretty bad. Maybe you should use a spell checker.
12/12/2006 c4 2Varya
Nice work, keep it up! :)
11/21/2006 c3 6Avvithespaz
why?... WhY?... WHY?... WHY DID YOU HAVE TO STOP! I LOVE this story PLEASE.. update soon!
10/25/2006 c3 emma134
wow that was really good load soon cant wait wow
10/25/2006 c3 2Varya
Very nice! Can't wait to read more, keep it up! :)
10/16/2006 c3 theprincessbride06
OMG this is turning out to be so awesome please update this again soon!
10/15/2006 c3 4quirkynerd
It does not suck! I love it!
10/14/2006 c3 southernbelle007
That was great.
10/3/2006 c2 2Varya
Very god, and intresting. Pleace update soon!
10/1/2006 c2 Amy
First, aww Sami's awake. I'm so happy. Lucas' grief was very touching and Lexie was actually sympathetic, which was nice. I liked how Lucas used anger as his main outlet, it was very real.
9/30/2006 c2 4quirkynerd
wow. I am so glad you updated! I LOVE this story! There aren't many people that can pull of the format of your story, but you did it perfectly. And when I say format, I mean the way you don't use quotation marks and stuff like that. Normally it's hard to follow, but I don't think your story would be the same writing it a different way! Update soon!
9/30/2006 c2 southernbelle007
Great job on this chapter. I cannot wait to read the next. Update soon.
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