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for I'd rather have you

10/9/2006 c1 S.A.Blossom
the story was/is amazing plz continue and dont be a lazy bum like me. I havent updated my story in like 3 months. lol so you plz dont do that.
9/27/2006 c1 9Who-I-am-x

You used the name! Wo!

I love this new story, you MUST continue it, especially now I know the plot!

If you don't I won't do any more fics!


So now you have to!

Luv F x
9/25/2006 c1 13narusakufan1985
This is a cute and funny story. Please continue. Sakura and Syaoran forever.
9/24/2006 c1 6SanguisRubeus
I like this story! It's cute! Please update soon!
9/24/2006 c1 Star Fata
Great start, please continue!
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