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1/6/2013 c5 CCSPHTRC
Please update soon but take your time doing it!
And also, I like Sakura to have some sort of Magic!
But thank you anyway!
Your story is very amazing!
You'll receive an imaginary strawberry cake if you update soon!
BBFN( Bye Bye For Now!)
9/9/2008 c5 chainedheart999
Finally! Syaoran will appear in the next chapter^^ YAY! Oh anyway, I forgot to ask... Who was the boy that kissed by Sakura? At first, I guess it will be Syaoran, but you wrote that the boy had blue eyes... Was he Eriol? Please update soon^^
9/9/2008 c4 chainedheart999
Quite a lot of chit-chats... Finally, the holiday was over... I wonder what kind of things are awaiting Sakura and others^^
9/9/2008 c3 chainedheart999
Why Rika and Chiharu always try to make Sakura have a boyfriend^^ ~sigh~ Didn't they know that only Syaoran can become Sakura's boyfriend?^^
9/9/2008 c1 chainedheart999
Just found out this story and started reading it. As always^^ I like your story XD even though your story has a lot of errors as always^^ but don't worry! Because I will read it to the end. YAY^^
6/19/2008 c4 3Agerina

Update soon!
10/16/2007 c3 Agerina
can't wait to see how this turns out.
9/7/2007 c3 9Who-I-am-x
Wow, they're all going their seperate ways, huh?

I wonder what kind of drama lies ahead for the girls, now, and what Sakura'll do without Touya to look after her, protect her from all the guys?

And I think I have a feeling who the cousins are, but seeing as I'm your editor, and get to read first anyways, I'll keep my mouth zipped lolz.
12/29/2006 c2 Who-I-am-x
I really loved the first chapter, I don't mind if it takes a little longer to update, it's only natural, right?

And it's really going to be worth it!

I tried translating your original Portoguese one, but I got a little confused and decided it would be better if I just waited until you updated lol!

9/27/2006 c1 Who-I-am-x
Hey Raquel!

You've outdone yourself yet again, and I'm loving the first chapter!

I love the spin you've put on it, that Sakura and Tori are born on the same day, but Tori only 10 mins earlier, and the fact that Sakura's gonna be a nurse...

You'll have to explain all the technical language to me, of course!

Can't wait hun, and I hope you-know-who turns up soon!

Luv F xx
9/25/2006 c1 13narusakufan1985
This is a cute and funny story. Please continue. Sakura and Syaoran forever.
9/24/2006 c1 4SWEET-STUFF063

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