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for Harry Potter and the Boondock Saints

10/5 c17 Canuto-90
I read this some years ago and rediscovered today. Great ff mate.

8/6 c17 Hedwig68
Great Story, Thank You.
6/19 c17 The God of Perverts
This was pretty good. Though I would've liked to see Lucifer's reaction.
5/15 c17 4Hillmorrr
I really enjoyed the story. Well plotted and written, with some really surprising twists. Thanks for sharing,
12/8/2020 c17 p6lishb6kser
Great fic :) i would love to see some epilogue with lucifer through
6/17/2020 c17 Guest
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4/30/2020 c1 11Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I have to say I'm suprised by their schooling in Boston. Based on their job and the place they live, I would have assumed they're illegal immigrants OR have dropped out of school early...and we know they actually have good schooling.

I'm more supprised the (adult) brothers didn't find Harry right before moving (illegally) to america, to be fair. (From what I can see, in america, if you can sneak in, they can't toss you out. Unless they pass a bill to toss out illegal imigrants. For some reason.)
4/18/2020 c17 3shadowcolt7051
Phenomenal story. Well done. I enjoyed this immensely
4/13/2020 c17 AshBladeHentai
Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read . And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
2/13/2020 c17 Cwhit930
First Boondock Saints fic. It was a good ride. Not really religious but how you use it in the story make it a part of the story and not a recruiting ploy. Well balanced and a new spin to the HP world. Strong family and mixed with in serius black was good. Thank you for the share or your time and work.
10/19/2019 c17 gginsc
I must say the ending surprised me! Lucifer as a loving brother then married and a firefighter! I am glad they all lived. It was a shame about the Weasley family, especially the twins! I always liked them even if I didn't like the pranks so much.
6/30/2019 c17 Silverinumiko
Loved the story. Loved how you meshed the two categories together. Nice plot!
1/14/2019 c17 missgsmith51
Very intense story, but I enjoyed it.

I think you really captured the essence of Dumbledore very well. It is amazing how the man fools everyone into accepting some of the most asinine things, simply because they come from him. The idea that Kevin/Harry owed Wizarding Britain anything at all - much less sacrificing his life to save them - was ludicrous. Yet Dumbledore was able to convince everyone this was so. I really felt he was - well, I'm not sure if I consider him evil or amoral in this story. I've never understood his belief that he has the right to run roughshod over others and sacrifice them if they get in his way. Was he always this way, or did the worship of the Wizarding world create this belief? I guess it's something that can be debated endlessly.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.
1/14/2019 c8 missgsmith51
"Albus, where is Harry Potter? Why did he let this happen?" Like many wizards, even Order members expected Harry Potter to be their savior again.

Albus addressed the Order "Harry did not want to help us. He was most clear in his wishes."

"Has he gone dark, is that it? It's his job, if he had done what he was supposed to, the Weasleys would be alive right now." Someone else called out. There were angry mutters agreeing with the speaker.

"He owes it to the wizarding world, it doesn't matter what he wants! What are you going to do about this Albus?" Yet another member spoke out.

"I agree. It is Harry's duty to face Voldemort. We already have Order members waiting for him outside of his home. But for some reason my locator spells have failed to find any trace of him. Rest assured he will be made aware of his duty to the wizarding world."

Every time I read these exchanges, I get angry. Perhaps people should direct their ire at a more appropriate target: Albus. If he had taken proper care of Harry in the first place - and put him with his intended guardian, Sirius, instead of playing games with people's lives - he would have been raised in the Magical world, and Voldy might be dead by now. Albus is at fault for Harry being lost to the Wizarding world for so many years. It is incredibly unfair to expect a young man without magical training, or even traditional magic, to face Voldemort. Dumbledore is lying by omission of information, too, and in doing so, he has put Harry in an impossible position.

R.I.P. Arthur. I guess Bill and Charlie aren't the agents, since they had go be called back. And the twins ... were they in the house, too?
1/14/2019 c7 missgsmith51
So ... who is/are the Garter agent(s) in the Order of the Phoenix? It sounds as if Remus and Alastor are the only dissenters among the usual Dumbledore worshippers, and I don't think they are the agents ... although I wouldn't be surprised if they were to defect.

Marcus and Joseph mentioned Muggleborn witches and wizards as being part of the Order of the Garter. Could Hermione be a double agent? We haven't seen her yet, so it is hard to say. I wonder ... what about Bill or Charlie Weasley, or the Twins? The four of them are usually not pro Ministry, yet we know they would never support Voldemort ... unless they are WAYYYYYY out of character. I think any or all of those four are the best bets. JM2K.
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