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12/21/2020 c10 Silverwolf735
Holy crap
this was incredible
11/2/2020 c10 verykerrym
What a great story! Such talent.
10/24/2020 c10 1Lily Belladonna Took
That was intense and well-plotted, from beginning hook to breath-catching climax to thoroughly satisfying ending. The three timelines wove around and illuminated each other seamlessly, and I loved, loved, *loved* all your allusions to the original tale, right down to the rocks. *This* is how you re-imagine a fairy tale. I couldn't put it down.

Oh, and the detail you put into your setting was just fantastic. I felt like I was there. I learned so much. You chucked us straight in, new vocabulary and old tensions and all, and yet did it so vividly that I never felt lost. You made all three groups -loggers, tree planters, protesters- human and sympathetic.

(You did that with the Winchesters, too, actually - filled the room with tension and anger and hurt and made us understand and sympathize with all three of them at once. That's a talent right there.)

Some of your descriptions, too! John Winchester with his crutches like weapons or making lameness look like winning a prizefight; the sand and silk of an executioner's blindfold in the Wolf's voice; the homicide thrumming through Sam's veins. Although many of them are sonorous and many are original, I think what strikes me about the best of your descriptions is how precise they are. They evoke exactly the right image, and they evoke it instantly and completely in all five senses.

Side quibble: I felt like your use of profanity was hit-and-miss. Sometimes it felt appropriate; often it felt gratuitous. When used in narrative descriptions, it sometimes edged out words that would have been more evocative. The example that comes to mind was when Sam is thinking about the bear droppings he found. His mental description called it a "steaming pile of s-," but I thought "scat" might have fit better with the precise setting-language you have elsewhere. It's not a huge deal; I mention it mainly because to me it felt like the only weak link in what was otherwise a powerhouse of prose.

Thank you for a fantastic and unforgettable read!
6/29/2020 c1 Guest
Sam reallly gave no cares about Dean, child and adult.
6/29/2020 c10 Guest
How can someone be so dense and ungrateful?
6/29/2020 c10 Guest
Sam was totally useless
6/29/2020 c8 Guest
Men, if you portray yourself as tough and no-nonsense, then how about you ACT that way when facing danger. Dean acts all tough then freezes in the face of some mentally retarded perverted man. Where’s the anger you had? Seriously, if men ain’t tough when it counts, then act like the pansies you are daily.
6/29/2020 c7 Guest
Duuude, I wish death on John and Sam. These man are good for nothing. One doesn’t give a crap and the other does on a good day but then does nothing when actual action is needed.
6/29/2020 c6 Guest
It’s like a prophecy, while Dean gets attacked/hurt/yadayada, Sam goes mating with some female. Sam’s worry and care truly shows.
6/29/2020 c2 Guest
I hate that Sam thinks his life was terrible but never questioned Dean’s. Like dean literally raised Sam and went through everything Sam experienced but a lot worse. Yet Sam thinks he has the rights to moan about how not normal his life was when he had it way better than Dean. Takes Sam until adulthood to think “Heyy, if my life was crappy, maybe, JUST MAYBE, Dean had it worse since he was older and left to take care of everyone.” But nope, Sam doesn’t even think that in he show. He pities Dean’s life for like five minutes in one early season episode, and dat it.
6/10/2020 c10 Guest
Omg Tanya is alive.. Im sooo happy! I really like how you described things and everything... THANKS YOUUUUU
4/10/2020 c10 55Visage
What a great story! I love your descriptions, and your action was so perfectly paced. Your natural narrative voice was so easy to read, I couldn't put this down. A real gem! Thank you for sharing this with us!
8/4/2019 c10 somersault-j

Also? Holy shit. Grimm my ass. This was so good and creepy and GOOD AND CREEPY! I loved the jumps between then and then and now and I actually started...well, I TRIED to read faster because I wanted to KNOW! Damn, poor Dean. And the Bad Wolf not being able to forget Dean (I mean, how could he lololol) and then the showdown in the now. With Sam being smart and being there for his big brother.

This was really AWESOME. Thanks again for providing the PDFs. Still have lots to read in this verse (DNR already done, gonna leave a comment in a moment). LOVED IT!
3/15/2019 c10 enteselene

I love your fics and I have a request to you

Recentrly I began to translate my favourites and you are in my top ten like... forever.

I'd fell really flattered if you allowe me to translate your fic "Red" into spanish. I think it is brilliant (all the Red Series is really amazing), smart, funny, terrifying and very well written.

Could I please? My translations are here:

It'd make me very happy if you say yes (fingers crossed)
4/10/2018 c10 Kathy
wow, absolutely incredible, story, fantastic plot, great writing and wonderful ending, thank you
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