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3/10/2002 c3 Katterree Fengari
...Ooo...kewl...freaky...Ooooooooooooo...Okay, I really need to get Squee comics..and I feel Sick,...and JTHM...and BAC...and...whatever else! There's my pen! Under my chair!

Write more
3/10/2002 c2 Katterree Fengari
OOOOOO Is Maria Tess?

..All I've ever seen of I feel Sick and JTHM and Squee is from online, so deal with it, so, is Squee older in this?

...who's the teenage vixen?...hmm...

I KNOW MARIA is TEss! Wait, but Johnny is sorta the same age as Tess and Devi, but Squee(and I"m assuming Jenny) would be about ..6 years younger or somethin?

o, would 'Maria' have met Jenny working at the bookstore and now they're co-working freinds...hmm...INteresting! ^_^
3/10/2002 c1 Katterree Fengari
Ooo...u had Squee call Pepito a big-headed bull-horned pug-nosed bug-eyed freak...KEwl!
12/20/2001 c3 SyniaTasumu
Synia:YEAH! PEPITO! I LOVE PEPITO! The beginning of the last chapter was pretty funny too. It's hard being a Pepito fan... BUT I LOVE HIM! i LOVE HIM MORE THEN, THEN CHEEEEEEEEESE!

Tasumu: HATE cheese.

Synia: Don't not question me. You were a little voice in my head. An annoying little voice. So I turned you into a fanfiction chacter and KILLED you! Abnoramally so...

Tasumu: No-(Gets eaten by Synia's Flesh-Eating Giant Squids)

11/17/2001 c3 11Luna 'Tic' Vee
Ooh, I likes this story. Please continue with it. I don't really thing Squee would end up like that, but you never know. I do think that this is a nice sweet piece too. I especially enjoy the banter between Squee and Pepito. Very very very well written.
9/3/2001 c1 Omni
Cool fic! But when are you going to add more chapters? It's been months and all my alternate personalites and clones are getting anxious.
8/26/2001 c3 linda
where's chapter 4! I must read chapter 4! (head explodes)
8/10/2001 c3 Invader Bast
This is getting sooo good! Write more mortal!
7/14/2001 c3 Shinigami17
OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! i love squee. i love pepito. write more this is really interesting
7/13/2001 c3 Invader Egg
Awesome fik! I can totally see Squee turning out like this. XD And Pepito ROCKS! He's my FAVE Squee character! XD~! I bow to you for giving him such a big part in this. WOOO! I loved the part where Squee tells Pepito to "Go to hell" "are you telling the Anti-Christ to go to Hell?" *LOL*! NNY's daugther...interesting idea there. XD Please write more, I'm hooked on this fik now~! o.o;;

7/9/2001 c3 4Yashachan
Oooo, I loved it. Especially the third chapter. The Basement scene was so good! Write more!
7/8/2001 c3 1Gazleen
hmm...this is...interesting.

do write more...
7/6/2001 c3 Bella
Wow, that was cool! Pepito was always my favorite. I would have liked to get to know Jenny a bit better, but Squee and the basement chamber were convincing. I loved this story - Please write more!
7/1/2001 c3 19Amethyst Soul
o.o Oooh... dark dark dark. I can't wait for you to continue this. ^.^ hehe... I liked the giving tree...
7/1/2001 c3 Draco
Good chapter, I think the whole part where the thing was killing the girl was interesting. Couldn't she have said something? Keep writing!
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