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6/28/2001 c2 8katie3
This is great. I can see Squee perfectly, suddenly all tall and sh*t. *laughs at the voices* I must read more
6/26/2001 c2 Chigliak
Dear God, this is like Sweet Valley High meets JtHM-and with a description like that, you just KNOW it's gotta suck. Do something original, please. Your Mary Sue still sucks, and this story is an insult to the JtHM/Squee!/I Feel Sick series. Now, please excuse me while I go vomit up my coffee.
6/25/2001 c2 Draco
And the plot thickens. Great second chapter. I wonder if "Maria" can get Jenny to like Squee... *ponders* I like the story so far, so keep writing...
6/23/2001 c2 19Phyr
Nny's daughter? and Squee is older? very cool. please write more!
6/22/2001 c2 19Amethyst Soul
This is so GREAT. I absolutely love it. It definitley fits the whole 'auro' of Jhonen's... lol "you don't have a heart!" This is so... dark, deep, and enigmatic :-). PLEASE write more!
6/21/2001 c2 Invader Lin
Hey I love it. I need MORE!
6/19/2001 c1 4WonderWeasel
This story is fantastic - really what you would think would happen if Squee would grow up.
6/15/2001 c1 23Mordred LeFay
I wish Jhonen would tell us about Nny and that chick...damnit. But this was very nice. May wanna run it through the spellchecker but Continue it please!
6/15/2001 c1 Necrowolf
Forget the self insertion accusation...I love it, Chao! I love it I love it I love it! Keep going!
6/15/2001 c1 Draco
Wow, that's sure interesting! I like the whole name of the Daughter. It's perfect! Please write more,'s cool...
6/14/2001 c1 Chigliak
NO, NO, NO! Please do NOT do this-introducing new characters into the story. Just stick with the old thing we know, you'll be going in-depth on this "Jenny" person, and we'll have yet another Mary Sue on our hands. And even if Johnny DID have a kid, why the hell would she want to be near the guy? For that matter, why would NNY want her around? He's trying to rid himself of all emotions, remember? My advice is to get rid of the girl altogether, or make her someone else's kid but Nny's. I'm already turned off by this story, what with the new character into...
6/14/2001 c1 14VerrucktTeufel
Oh Man I loved this! Please write another part soon!
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