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for Of Orchestras and Flashlights

8/12/2009 c1 3NekoFruba9
I totally love how Ed-chan threatens Roy-san at the end =^_^=
7/6/2009 c1 8Zion
That was funny. And they thought that no one will see. A good one shot.
3/21/2008 c1 9Greendayluvr93
this was funny. lol leave it to them to ruin the moment...i still cant picture al swearing. plz update this if it isnt a one shot
12/31/2007 c1 32Starflower Sakura
*fangirl squeal* Dani-san~! I remember you sending this to me and after rereading it, I can't help but melt into a pile of sappy mush... That was so... You have rendered me speechless xD

But I can't believe you only wrote one piece~! But I suppose you're really really busy right now :) So I won't hound you. But keep up the good work, ne?

- Starflower Sakura
8/29/2007 c1 2mylifehaslostdirection
heehee, ed is funny. i was so sad when hughes died...especially since envy turned into his sad. poor hughes. :(

great story...btw, thanks also for story-alerting me - i'll be updating more today, even though the chapter will be kind of short.

7/16/2007 c1 2kk bk
like the fic but i was just wondering if you could post a fic that is something like how edward during the fight between him and roy(you know the whole challenge)that to everybody surprise to find out that he was actually a she like she was wearing some kind of breast restraint that made her B cup breasts clash aginst her shirt but not revealing to much to embarrssess her. And it is just a shock for everyone but she doesn't really care and tackles roy to the while having her obvious nreasts in her face but the fight between them was stopped and ed was taken to the furher to have a talk with him and to return to to HQ to be greeted with perverted eyesand such.

i can't really think of much right now because i'm not good at it but can you please do this story.(in the beginning can you show hints of roy being in love with ed before she is identified.

Please i beg you to do this.
6/27/2007 c1 1Shinjuku Shadow
Yay! I loved it! ^_^ I want to know what happends later, though, if anything... *wink wink, nudge nudge* lol
6/21/2007 c1 3the Sayjin Kira
YES! Long live Hughes! That was the suckiest thing ever when they killed him off!

That was a great bit of fun! Roy is such a naughty bastard!
1/16/2007 c1 80reflecting
gah omfg this story was like hilarious! XD it's a clear fav, this one ;) and I'm really glad you kept hughes alive I'm still trying to get over his death -whine-
12/7/2006 c1 16foxy crimefighta
LMAO! this is so, so adorable! it pwns me. :D
12/6/2006 c1 35TrulyWished
I thought I reviewed before, but apparantly not. Probably couldn't come up with appropriate words. I love this one, must have read it a dozen times. It's so fun!
11/10/2006 c1 19Kitsune Tanaka
Fucking awesome. I'm trying not to wake the baby up, and am probably not doing a very good job of stifling my laughter. I've been on both ends of this... erm... situation. The wather, and the watchee. Both suck in the long run.

11/2/2006 c1 1KuroNekoChan07
O.O OMFG...shmuck. holy fudging shmuck.
10/25/2006 c1 14E.Mahiru
Oh this is hilarious! much as you love Hughes, I don't know if you can, at this point, protect him from Edward!
10/12/2006 c1 IRMFS
" I can’t kill Hughes off. I love him too much"

i dont think anyone but envy can. the one thing ii dont like about that sin
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