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12/7/2016 c1 zoerizzo8gmail
Hi how are you my baby daughter is named Mary
2/16/2016 c3 7twlightbella
They had s x on their wedding night
2/16/2016 c2 twlightbella
Peter and Susan are married
2/16/2016 c1 twlightbella
Susan and Peter are going to get married
10/12/2012 c1 H jphivbbjiviuiv
Ty is evil
10/13/2008 c7 10AFX787359
It's an interesting story, but I suggest you update soon.
10/13/2008 c3 AFX787359
I suggest you take the rating of this story to M or you put in your author's note for this chapter that this is M-rated before someone reports this to the site staff and you get banned.
5/13/2008 c1 33Princess Lucy
I must congratulate you most people who make a Peter/Susan romance make it disgusting and they ar related you thankfully steered clear of that by making Susan adopted you made her have no blood connections to Peter at all,I finally found the story and will be putting it on my favorites and alerts.This is a good story you have managed to write a romance story without making it disgusting and immoral
10/7/2007 c7 2Rii Patts
AH! I wanna read the next chapter! please please PLEASE update!
1/14/2007 c3 10Dont-Stop-Believin

Um...this is suppose to be a K rating, as in Kids?. I'm just suggesting that you change the rating because this chappie is definatly not for kids!.

Other then that it was great, as usual. Your doing great, really great.

1/14/2007 c2 Dont-Stop-Believin

Again, kinda fast, but loved the wedding!. *Snif, snif* tear.

Lovely...really enjoyed it. Keep up the awsome work.

1/14/2007 c1 Dont-Stop-Believin

Awsome chapter!. Sorry I haven't reviewed you before, lol your cousin recomended you. It was awsome, except I found that it was moving too fast, I mean first Susan finds out she's adopted and the next they're back in Narnia?. Oh well, I thought it was amazing anyway. Good job!. Keep up the good work.

12/18/2006 c2 27i.anachronism
I liked the story, but having a child out of Wedlock is when the two people are not married. So technically Peter and Susan did not have a child out of Wedlock.

Other then that it was really good. There were a few Grammar mistakes, but that's it.

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