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6/2/2007 c5 DeletedAnon
Thanks for another interesting chapter- so Ed's organizing the wizarding world's system by making parallels to his world? Interesting, interesting. I wonder though, where Ed would get his wand, because as far as I know, there are no more wand shops in Diagon Alley...but who knows? And by the way, hope I'm not adding more to your workload, but please please please try to come up with something original about what the wand is made up of- I'm tired of threstal feathers, which DOESN'T EVEN EXIST,

since they have bat wings. But I expect creativity out of you.

I'll be watching -_ㅡ+
6/2/2007 c5 3JoojooBrother
Happy me!
6/1/2007 c5 1thisisnotongoogleanymore
SORRY for not reviewing for the last couple of chapters! Anyway, this was great AL! was in it! Yay! :D
6/1/2007 c5 6Suuki-Aldrea
Awsome! Update soon please! Ja ne!
6/1/2007 c5 Half Human Homunculi
I noticed something wrong with the dream scene. Initially, Ed had only lost his leg, he lost his arm binding Al to the armor. Therefore, he should have still had his arm when he appeared after the flash of light. You also forgot the 'A' in 'Trisha'. And, for discrepancies not related to the dream scene, you said that Edward had not had any close family for the last few years. That's not true, he had Alphonse. He just did not have a large family. Well, I can't think of anything else that needs pointing out, so I will say this: despite the small mistakes, this is actually a very interesting story, and I can't wait for the next chapter. MMR, over and out.
6/1/2007 c5 Ranchi Blade
Hi, really like your story, please keep going whit it ^-^

6/1/2007 c5 5Harryswoman
oh, this is so great! keep up the great work and write more very soon!
6/1/2007 c5 20princessOFdarkeness
It was very good. I liked it a lot, especially the bit with Alphonse, very awesome.
6/1/2007 c5 27numina
Awesome writing style. Keep up the good work!
5/31/2007 c5 The Flea
wonderful story! i really like it! please update soon! :D

5/31/2007 c5 7Liah Cauthon
HOLY SHIZ! AN UPDATE! Awesomeness!
5/31/2007 c5 31Beboots
Oh... I'm so pleased to see such a long update! :D It's definitely worth the wait!

I love your Izumi. :D I seriously think that there should be many more fanfics with her in it - perhaps even a crossover with her as a DADA teacher? ;) In any case, I think you did her really well, here - an especially well-characterized moment was when she snapped at Mustang for interfering with her students. :)

One little nitpick - in Al's flashback dream sequence, Edward lost both limbs at once. Untrue - he lost is leg, then sacrificed his arm for Al. Just a little thing. :)

And yes, yes Ed is a genius. ^_^ I like how you didn't make it completely unbelievable - the learning English thing. I was in French class one day with an exchange student who'd been learning French for four years or so - but he didn't know the world for "bird" in French. He'd just never come across it. But you'd think that would be basic, wouldn't you? So it is with your Ed. :) Well done!

(I also particularly liked the little bit of frustration Edward has with the limitations of letter openings in English ^_^ Very nice!)

So, to conclude - thank you for updating! ^_^ I know that this chapter was mostly filler, but it was pretty good filler - I love Alphonse and Izumi! :) So please update again soon! Rock on!
5/31/2007 c5 3Wolven Spirits
Nice chapter xD Thanks for the update! Great work with Ed^^ Loving it!
5/29/2007 c4 DeletedAnon
Great story, but I see that there hasn't been any updates in a while..? Oh well, I'll just keep this on the alert list just to be safe...
5/6/2007 c4 anon
(By the way, my actual name is Feyrae-This computer won't let me sign in for some reason.)

Brilliant HP/FMA crossover! Most are horrible, and yours, I must say, is REALLY amusing. It's late, and I'm a little bit brain dead, so I'll leave a more coherent review for you...Next time you update! ;)
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