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9/8/2008 c4 toomuchcaf
I'm enjoying this :) Especially how Mac annoys Sam so much! And Jack does seem to get very protective of the young ones he picks up in his travels - he always starts acting fatherly towards them. Update soon please :)
10/21/2006 c1 pain in the mikta
Oh. Well. "Too shea"? You must have meant: "Touché"...

10/12/2006 c1 Anotherfanfictionuser
Great story!
10/11/2006 c2 10E. Nagrom
hi sorry about the chapter double up there is a second chapter i know where i went wrong so hopefully in chap. 3 all should go well.

thank u for ur patience

10/9/2006 c1 1Adm. Bones
Oh wow thats just kool please continue
10/9/2006 c1 1Dark Water Geek
Serioudly,this is a fanfic?Good Lord!

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