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12/30/2007 c2 113Tiger5913
Three years? According to the publish date, it's only been 1. ^_^ Well, we are sure glad you updated this. Please don't make us wait another year for the next chapter! XD
10/12/2006 c1 puffer
Hey, I thought this was a nice start, Margarete is back and so is Keith! I like the little reference to SH:C's good ending too! :D

But a little bit of nit picking, I hope you don't mind...I am quite sure Margarete won't give anyone her real name. So, I think it's quite odd that a customer would call her so familiarly 'Marge', she is a spy after all, it would make a lot more sense if she used a psuedonym.

And that 'evil aurora'? um...do you mean 'aura'?

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