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12/22/2016 c4 Bagget00
I'm really sad. I came back to read this series of stories again and found the chapters completely borken. if you could fix them, that would be awesome!
2/8/2016 c1 kid
well...their are a few things which doesn't make sense. first is, how Hild is just letting him do whatever he wants in her domain(hell) converting daemon. which is breaking the balance of heaven and hell. second was the incest thing. don't get me wrong I really don't care about it, its just that you made his sister a virgin which you know in the manga that she has boyfriends and its suggested that she she sexual active. and finally was their parents reaction which seems out of it. I was going to mention the judgment gate, but considering when this was made it may have not appear in the manga yet. but either way i enjoyed some p[arts of your story. good luck on your future endeavor
1/14/2016 c1 12Gamera68
He's just 'winging it?' Ha! What a way to end the chapter! Hilarious!
3/11/2013 c1 64Pyeknu
Didn't realise that my fanfic inspired you to write this one, my friend. I'm glad it did, though.
12/9/2009 c4 5Chownz
Well I shall never watch my DVD's ever again in 'that' way ever again! LOL I loved the way you played their emotions and doubts, though I had a hard time when it came to the constant 'sex' that kept happening. It will not keep me from reading your works though! Ka kite
4/10/2008 c5 shaithis1
The parents' reaction to not only their son's polygamy but also his incest was WAY to mild so as to be unbelievable. I was also a little disappointed by the cut and paste of the wedding scene from the first chapter. I have to admit I am a little weirded out by your discussion of how you came up with this sequel at the end of the last chapter, about how you discussed it with the characters, but I guess every artist has their own way of creating.

Overall a good read, if for no other reason than you are more literate than most.
4/10/2008 c4 shaithis1
Entertaining. I enjoy the philosophy and other scholarly discourse. I have definitely had enough of the Keiichi-worship in every other line but still its a nice read.
4/10/2008 c3 shaithis1
So I guess if you cross Yoda and Jesus you get Kei-sama! Its just too bad he hung out so much with David Koresh in his formative years...
4/10/2008 c2 shaithis1
Still well written and interesting, but WHOA. He married WHO? And who, and who, and WHO? And his parents were OK WITH THIS? My mind is normally a pretty dirty place, and my mouth is normally more than ready to express whatever is on it, but I think I need a shower now... for my BRAIN!

I am having trouble accepting Keiichi as overnight Master Yoda. He learns to fly in the morning and teaches it in the afternoon? And he learns telepathy while bedding the most promiscuous goddess in Heaven and she thinks he is the best lover ever? And Bell is OK with this despite her jealousy storms in the anime? Too much of a stretch for me, but hey, each to his own.

Interesting discourse on the nature of society, the form vs. function of it and how it would differ with a society formed by beings who don't have children. Keep writing!
4/9/2008 c1 shaithis1
"Flying with a skirt on is impractical". Now THATS a euphamism if I ever heard one! It's also exactly what one would expect in an anime!
11/15/2006 c5 40deathgeonous
Your really good. I look forward to the third sory in the series
11/15/2006 c5 6Jakinbandw


I love it!

I have seen many worse stories get many more reviews. This is on of the best stories that I have ever read. Maby a little too much sex, but that is easily forgivable considering that you were forced to write it down. I hope you do one final sequal to this where you tell the story of the redemption of the Lord of Terror.

best quote (from memory):

"he can't make a rock so heavy he can't lift it..."

5/5 stars
10/23/2006 c5 1Bobboky
10/13/2006 c2 6Stradivarium
Very interesting. Although there was a time that I scratched my head at 'four wives' bit but after reading the explanation, it all seemed plausible enough.

I may be a stanch KeiXBell, but that doesn't prevent me from opening my mind to bigger horizons.

Good work!
10/12/2006 c2 13RedPBass
Ok, where should I start...


And Disturbing.


Also, pretty much everyone seems a bit out of character, but whatever, that's to be expected a bit in a situation like this.

Also, conversation seems forced, and overflowing with excessive explanations. But due to the story's content, that's pretty much required.

Now, on to the good...this is a very interesting fic. I like it. Continue. Etc.

Good job, keep it up.
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