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for The Chains of Bondage

10/14/2009 c2 5Barbarossa Rotbart
Could you please continue this interestintg story?
7/27/2007 c2 lovely93
OMG ABSOTULEY AMAIZNG! I LOVE IT! and i love the fact that its not "EO" i hate those ones well i ahte the love ones..theres so broing.lol.
7/27/2007 c1 audrey s
OMG THIS IS AMAZING! itslike a real epi and im pituring as it would be omg they should use it! its so god im so excited to read the rest

11/27/2006 c2 Laura Lovegood
update soon i love this story
11/4/2006 c2 good story
I agree wholeheartedly with the first reviewer- this is an excellent story. I do believe I will add it to my favorites list now. :)
10/30/2006 c1 who wants to know
omg i LOVE you! finally a fanfic that doesnt make me tear my hair out in frustration! your story has all the things most fanfictions seem to overlook- actual depth and relation to the original characters along with a case. Keep going!

only one complaint- i doubt the dr would be that severely shaken over this case... shaken yes but not that much

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