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10/27/2007 c2 200augustina00
Taro reminds me of Sai and I don't like him. But I don't assume you made him for us to like the character immediately. At least Naruto has all his jutsus down and I can't wait to see more and who his Sensei will be eventually. Keep up the good work!
7/14/2007 c2 10Vegeta the 3rd
Ah, good to see this is still around. A little late, but a review's a review. I recall that Konohamaru was in the academy in the canon, (you know, after the others graduated) so that might be a good place for Naruto to met him, since he never did after that Mizuki incident.

Also, glad to be of help. I tend to do that. ^_^; And I find Sandaime's reason for helping Naruto very likely.

Hope to see the next update soon. But, don't force yourself just for the sake of reviews, kay?
4/3/2007 c2 Kadessor
ok i thought it was a little roght personaly but thats probably because im in a real angsty dark mood for fics and this is just a regular one beiseds that ok, c ya
4/3/2007 c2 X Kurotenshi X
not bad story although that taro is just eer he reminds me of quite a few annoying jerks at my school, I hope he dies. wow normaly i never say that about a character... except sasuke when he's a jerk, orochimaru, his lackies, over powered OC characters etc. etc. hmm... do you think I have a anger issue?

p.s. don't answer that.
4/3/2007 c2 3believer07747
pretty interesting. taro's kinda creepy O_O wonder if he'll be part of something bigger in the plot...
4/3/2007 c2 23Tama Saga
It's different! Can't say I like Sasuke much, but hey I'll read your story.
10/11/2006 c1 Kadessor
hmm mabye i will watch for now so c ya
10/10/2006 c1 wwwwwww
Oh wow, that was a great retelling of the beginning. Poor Naruto; that was very real. I loved it! Awesome job!
10/10/2006 c1 1Aesculapian
xD Teehee, I was actually reading your HP fic but this Naruto fic was a pleasant surprise. If it isn't too much trouble could you give me a more detailed summary? n_n;; I'm just one of those people who can't hold still until they've gotten a more detailed account.
10/10/2006 c1 10Vegeta the 3rd
To tell the truth, I was wondering about a fic when Naruto spends another year in the academy besides the point he passed. In the canon, once you fail the academy three times, you can't enter the academy again and you won't become a ninja. Hopefully you can find a loophole through this. And will also expect OC's, like the more than entire half of the class that didn't pass.

Heck, Sasuke and Sakura should be there too since they couldn't pass unless they knew about teamwork, and I doubt they would of done it without Naruto. But it's your story. You call the shots.

Btw, Naruto's last name is Uzumaki, not Uzimaki. Close though, and just wanted to point that out.
10/10/2006 c1 hidingdusk
Your fic is great! I really like your spin on this scene, especially how Naruto didn't learn shadow clones and didn't defeat Mitzuki. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this fic continues and the intereactions between Naruto and Iruka. Anyway, ttfn I'm adding you to my favs!


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