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for A Harry Potter and Chrno Crusade Story

9/8/2014 c1 7rmiser1994
great start! i dont mind whether or not james potter is added but i would like to see Father Remington! . Cannot wait to read more! .
2/3/2014 c1 demonessbitch
This IS great james potter should not be ressurected and father remington should stay out of it but sister kate should be in the story.I think chrono should have known at least a luttle bit about the wizarding world because of the magic but it's just my stupid idea.
11/24/2012 c1 3soulevans31
please continue, it seems to be the starting of a very good story :)
11/20/2006 c1 1Lux-0
Only 4 reviews? Pity. People outta look at pages other than the 1st. I like it so far ^_^ please continue!
10/12/2006 c1 16bissek
The Harry Potter story takes place from 1991-1998 (school years)

Chrono Crusade takes place in 1924 (1928 in anime), not 1925. In 1925 the battle was over, the demons were dead, Chrono was missing and Satella had turned herself into a statue and would remain that way until somebody (I think it was Shader - she's the only demon who was PROVEN to have survived the final battle - because she didn't actually fight anyone) turned her and Fiore/Florette back to normal. Nobody even found that statue until 1994.

There is considerable circumstantial evidence in the manga to imply that Chrono survived (Rosette saw him shortly before her death in 1932, his body was never found, and an unidentified person leaves flowers at her grave on the anniversary of her death every year). He was declared legally dead BEFORE the final battle, for reasons of church politics.

The power of the Apostles (all 7 combined) could barely locate the soul of somebody dead for a few minutes and reattach that soul to the body. Locating the soul of somebody who hasn't been born yet would be impossible.
10/12/2006 c1 7snekochan
Ooh! Have James in it...and Remmy too. And if you have Rosette with anyone other than Chrono, you are in a big amount of trouble! ^-^ But it's a cool, idea, and I look forward to seeing how you blend the charactors!
10/11/2006 c1 3Posh-Kit
Oh gosh, I haven't been in contact with anything to do with HP since...well a long time! XD Even if people don't review, you should still update :O! Knowing that you have at least 1 reviewer or even people who VIEW your story...(-cries-) those days were harsh ;_; But anyways, I like how you portrayed Hermione and Ron ^^ lovers quarrel hehe.
10/11/2006 c1 3ElementPriestess
I suggest you slow down a bit. Your story is going a bit too fast and also the characters' reactions were very disappointing. Like for example, I kinda expected everybody to freack out when they found out Chrno was a demon there's also the fact that they're in a carnival. Wouln't other people have heard?

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