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3/31 c1 SPCLjmm
Perfect use of the song!
3/26/2010 c1 debonairdays
y dont u go from here to the nxt day where he is pissed bout the car to them talking n shit
8/18/2007 c2 29MyPassionateMusician

I wanted to say that I took your permission and kinda rewrote your story bit. It's the same thing but with a twist of me into it so i hope you read it and like it!
8/18/2007 c1 snowriter
roflmao. that was great. omg i love that song and the ending to it was just perfect. great job
10/15/2006 c1 3thatgirl2006
I love this song! i went and bought it after this...the story is awesome...keep on writing!
10/15/2006 c1 3Rachym20
I love it but i think you should add more!lolz!
10/14/2006 c1 25kolirox
THIS STORY IS AMAZING! OMG! I FREAKIN LOVED IT! seriously, i had this song stuck in my head like two days ago and it was so0o0 cool reading a story the next day with the same song in it! man i just, man, loved it!

" jude you didn't" classic! and her answer was great. i wish you had made tommy cry over his car. but it was great and has become one of my favorite stories!
10/13/2006 c1 29MyPassionateMusician
i love that song and it was a good story. just watch for you're mistakes. i saw a lot of punctuation mistakes and spelling. also i hardly saw any (if none) periods in here and it mashed everything toghether. and one sentence made me a little confused like...

You love you still love I still love you I just had I moment of Temporary Insanity

You see what I mean? It's a good story, just a lot of mistakes. So next time you write something make sure you fix mistakes and all that jazz...but keep on writing and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
10/13/2006 c1 1xtaintedxlovex16
Thats hilarious! I loved it!
10/12/2006 c1 2mandy1485
That was sweet! I love that song. "Jude, you didn't?" Was the best line ever. I could so picture the look on his face!
10/12/2006 c1 15LikeAPhoenix
This is awesome. Revenge is sweet. it kind of reminds me of an episode where Lorelei and Rory deviled-egged Jess's car. I don't know if you watch it, but it was pretty funny. I love it!
10/12/2006 c1 seleana c
this is awesome, write more please

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